Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Onery Mini Mule

Yesterday I left everyone in their stalls/paddocks due to the rain. Usually I turn them out even if it is raining, but I noticed not a one of them was standing in their paddocks. They were all in their stalls so figured okay then, you don't want to get wet so you can stay in.

When I turned everyone out this morning, yup, you guessed it, they were all full of energy. They acted like they had been in their stalls for days all cooped up.
This is Patty Cake our mini mule. Here she is just looking so cute with her fuzzy winter coat.
The cuteness was over in seconds. She took off running, gaining speed with each little step.

She came running back into the front pasture, looked at me, turned around, kicked out and took off again.

Getting ready for another buck.
Patty Cake can be very sweet when SHE wants to be. And on the other hand she can be quite onery. Her antics keep me laughing.
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