Monday, November 2, 2009

Proceed With Caution!!!

Last night one of our cats wanted outside to do his business. I opened the door and as he walked past one of the small dog houses that is by the front door, I heard a very loud growl. This growl was very deep and menacing.

Great, another raccoon who has decided to spend the night. This wouldn't be the first time a coon has decided to 'rent' one of the dog houses.

I came back in the house, grabbed my camera, opened the door to hear the growling had reached a higher level. Um, do I step outside and take a quick pic all the while prepared to run. Or do I just let it be and stay inside? Hmmmm, choices.

I, of course chose option number one. I wanted a picture of a raccoon inside the dog house.

The raccoons here have always been okay to deal with. In fact, they eat alongside my cats! I know, I know, coons will kill cats. We have had mama coons with their young ones at the front door eating cat food while the cats just sit and watch. In the five years we have been here there has never been an incident with the coons.

Okay, back to option number one.

I opened the door all the way, stepped outside, moved to the left, lowered the camera and snapped a picture. All the while the growling is continuing, but not as bad.

Quickly back into the house. I want to see the pic and hope it is clear.

Here is the pic.
It wasn't a raccoon at all! It was one of the outside stray cats. I had no idea this tiny cat could make such a sound. Even had me going!!!

Yes, I was disappointed that there wasn't a raccoon in there.

I walked back outside, knelt down and told the cat that she did a mighty fine job of sounding big.

Until next time.................................


  1. Ha ha ha...funny story. You built that one up perfectly! I can just see you, expectantly uploading your camera pictures to your computer...only to find one really grouchy looking cat staring at you. LOL

  2. It must be your huge and kind heart that's spreading so much love around your place that all these critters get along. LOL

  3. I came over from Farmgirl's blog. Your donkeys are so beautiful. All your animals sound like fun.


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