Saturday, November 7, 2009


I know I said that today there would be pictures of old buildings that are around here. But, after three weeks, the two rescued kittens have begun to emerge and be somewhat seen now. Couldn't resist taking a few pics so you can see them now. Oh, and the two kittens have official names! This is Squirrel. The first kitten rescue of the litter. She is one very spoiled girl!
This is Rodent. Still don't know if Rodent is female or male. In time we'll find out.

I still see you behind the stove!!!!

This is Jovi. He is the one who is behind the stove in the above picture. Jovi is getting friendlier with each passing day.
Squirrel, Rodent and Jovi are all siblings who were caught up at my favorite feed store. Squirrel was younger when we brought her home so getting her socialized was easy. However, Rodent and Jovi were older hence their reluctance to be friendly.
It's ok. They can take all the time they need to find out that we will not hurt them. And once they find that out, they will also become little 'pet me, play with me' monsters.
Until next time.......................

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  1. Awww, achoo achoo. They are soooo, achoo, sweet! sniffle snort. :-)


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