Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Cupboard Surprise!

The kitten on the left has been named....finally! Still don't know if it is male or female so needed a name that would go with either. Ready for the name? Are you sure? ( Drum roll)..................introducing.........Rodent! Are you shaking your head?Ha Ha After two weeks of them being here and trying to think of a perfect name, the name Rodent popped into my head the other day. I figured I'd give the name a few days to see if it was the right one. Yup, Rodent it is. My oldest daughter was going to take the kitten on the right, but circumstances have prevented her from taking hers home. So, you guessed it, the kitten on the right is staying.
Look what I found in the cupboard this morning! Was getting ready to start making jerky, opened the door to see a kitten. Once I realized one of the kittens was in there, I closed the door, got my camera, opened the door and took this picture as well as two more.

Well, at least I know both kittens are wandering and familiarizing themselves with the house.

They are both still on the wild side, but getting a little better with each passing day.

Since I disturbed the kitten from the one side of the cupboard, he decided to crawl out of the drainer and try to hide behind plastic containers. Um, I can see you!!!!!

After a few minutes the kitten jumped out of the cupboard, took off to the living room and 'hid' between the chair and ottoman. Yup, sorry, I still see you!!!
Didn't like the idea of my dishes/bowls being crawled into or stepped into with little kitten feet that have been in the kitty box, so every dish/bowl got washed.
Until next time..................................

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  1. those are sweet babies! your living room looks like ours with all of our dogs and cats! ;~)


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