Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Handsome Guy and His Girls

This morning as I was starting morning chores I stopped and started really looking at Stew Pot and the girls. It dawned on me that he really is a good looking guy surrounded by some fine looking ladies. It's funny how something is right in front of your face and you don't really 'see' it.

Just a nice pic of the 'group'.

Stew Pot, I owe you an apology. When you first came here to live with us, well, I didn't much care for you. Hence the name Stew Pot.
Now that the girls are 'big' girls now, you take really good care of them. You make sure they are safe and all in one place. Thanks big guy!
Until next time.............................

1 comment:

  1. Aww, Stew Pot, you ARE a handsome devil! You're also quite original in your methods, you midnight-crower, you. :-)
    Any rooster who takes care of his ladies is alright by me.


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