Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sugar to a Tick

It dawned on me today that I haven't introduced you to one of our other dogs.

Her name used to be Sugar. But over the years we have had her,the name has changed to Tick.

Probably should have changed her name to Coward! Oh she barks a good game, but if frightened she runs into where it is safe and pokes her head out of the dog door and barks. Yeah, that's real scary!

Why did her name go from Sugar to Tick? She got fat as a tick!

Tick isn't allowed in the house anymore. She had knee surgery three years ago and while she was recuperating inside the house, she decided that instead of going out the dog door she would pee at the end of the hallway. Um, no. She also does not like cats and with the cats inside the house, well, it was not working out.
Now when I say she isn't allowed inside the house does not mean she is an outside dog. She is a playroom dog. Out in the playroom is a couch and loveseat, a television, carpeting, and a heater/air conditioner unit. All the comforts of being an indoor dog. And no, she does not pee in the carpet out in the playroom. She uses the dog door to go outside.
Tick and another dog, Maggie are playroom dogs.
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  1. So when will we meet Maggie? I would love to see stories told of all of them.


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