Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tired and a vent.

Sorry, no pics today. Computer is not wanting to load them. Must be the rain.
And speaking of rain. It was on the news this morning that we have had 20 days of rain in the month of March. No wonder everyone is ready for the nice warm days of Spring.

My brother and sister came to visit over the weekend. It is so nice to see them now that we are all getting along again.

And my brother is coming over tomorrow to help me clear out some blackberry bushes that are on one end of the area where the garden is going to go. Not only is he going to help with the bushes he is going to bring his rototiller over this weekend and till up the ground where the garden is going to go.

As you know I am an animal advocate through and through. Wherever I can help I will. Being on facebook I am able to keep up more with what is going on with animal abuse, horse slaughter, the BLM horse and burro roundups, PMU farms, puppy mills, etc... I write letters, email, sign petitions and make phone calls on behalf of the animals. But I have to admit that seeing and reading about how many people abuse and or kill animals, how many horses are sent to slaughter and what they have to endure, how the BLM conducts their roundups, well, it just gets so sad and frustrating because it seems as if we are not being heard. The so called punishment the abusers get is usually a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again. The BLM continues to do their own thing regardless. The double decker slaughter trucks horses are transported in continue to roll down the roads even though it is against the law to transport horses in double decker trailers. The kill buyers haunt auctions looking for cheap horses to sell for slaughter or they respond to ads for free or cheap horses and lie just to get the horse so they can sell them for slaughter. The known irresponsible breeders allowed to keep breeding their horses, dogs, cats. And on and on.

For those of us involved in trying to change the laws, stop the illegal transportation, shut down puppy mills, close down the PMU farms,etc... it gets really tiring. I am not saying I am going to give up because that is just not going to happen. Just saying how it can just make one tired.

Oh and something else that has really gotten under my skin is there are more and more rescues that aren't doing what they should be doing. Such as spending donation money on themselves and not the animals. Please, if you donate money to an organization, please make sure they are legitimate. Check the the Better Business Bureau. Check with websites that list organizations and see what the rating is for that charity. There are excellent rescues all over the world and it is sad that the bad ones make it hard for the good ones. One way to donate to an organization without giving money is to send/drop off supplies, purchase a gift card that can only be used at a local feed/dog/cat store. Or even find the name of the vet that is used and send money to the vet's office to be put on the account of the rescue organization. Adopt from a local rescue to make room for another to come in rather than have more animals euthanized or in the case of horses/donkeys/mules sold and sent to slaughter. No animal should ever have to suffer at the hands of humans.   

Although I have to say that when there is a victory on our side whether it be small or large, it is worth everything that was done on behalf of the animals.

I feel better now. Thanks for listening. Although I must warn you that I will vent from time to time about this same subject.  And please give all your critters a hug or a pat from me or in some cases a hello to them will be just fine.

Oh, my tattoo is fabulous! No, it didn't hurt, but I have to say that the next day my leg did feel like I had been kicked by a horse! But really, it was no big deal.

This Friday I am spending the day with my youngest and oldest daughter at the historic town that is about twenty minutes away from where I live. We are going to have lunch and then 'tour' an area in that town that we all have been to several times before and love. Yes, there are going to be tons of pics taken and yes, will post about it. There are several of you who I know will very much enjoy the pics. 

Oh my gosh, one more thing I have to mention. My sister who lives in Texas has finally started her own blog. If you would like to stop in and visit  her blog just click here  Love ya Sis! :)

Until next time.........................

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I did it!!!

Well, I did it! I got a tattoo.

It is of my beloved Pit Bull who I lost 11 years ago this month to cancer. He was my best friend. Losing him devastated me. Just devastated me. I think of him every single day.

For the past two years I have been researching and making sure I wanted a tattoo. Yes. Yes I was positive.

Getting the tattoo didn't hurt at all. When the artist was done everyone had to look at it. The tattoo artist did a most awesome job. Seeing the finished work brought tears to my eyes.

This will be my one and only tattoo.

E.Z. ( my dog) will forever be in my heart, soul and now on my leg.

The pic was taken right after the tattoo while still in the shop.

Until next time............................

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Goings on

Monday morning the senior from the high school came out and spent a few hours here asking questions and meeting the critters here. Her plan after graduation is to further her education concerning animal welfare and  eventually start her own rescue.
And come to find out her Grandmother lives just down the road from us! Since she comes out to visit her Grandmother she asked if she could stop by and visit the horses and donkeys. Well of course!

Yesterday Joe, my farrier, came out to trim horses and donkeys. It is always a pleasure to visit with Joe. About fifteen minutes after Joe left, I went inside the house then I heard a honking at the gate. There was a gentleman who wanted to let me know that as he was driving by he noticed the white horse's back leg was caught in one of the blanket straps. I thanked him and walked out to the pasture to either remove the blanket or see what the heck was going on. Since it was a nice day I took her blanket off and last night replaced it with another one.
This winter the horses have been terrible with their blankets! Lots of repairing blankets this year.
This community is truly amazing!

Even though I swore I wouldn't let Little Inger sit and hatch anymore eggs, well, you know the answer to that! I just can't say no to her!  She has eight eggs under her and they should be hatching very soon. Just what is needed around here is more chickens when I have Americauna chicks on order as well as Frizzles. Oh, and of course let's not forget the Guineas.

The donkey and horses are beginning to show signs of shedding. Yay!! I love when they lose their winter coats. Definite therapy for me to stand and groom them.
And speaking of therapy. This is kind of on the same note. For some time I have felt a bit out of sorts. Lost per say. Couldn't seem to find my direction again. But was unable to put my finger on as to why.
Last night it finally occurred to me ( with the help of my 'soul' sister) what the problem is. I need to center myself again. After realizing what had been lost, I felt so much better. Now I need to focus on getting centered and once there getting back into the captain's chair!

The other night I noticed Doug was limping on his right paw. After examining it I figured out he had been in a cat fight and there was an abscess forming on the pad. Off to the medicine cabinet I went, grabbed the Betadine scrub, sponge and some antibiotics and fixed Doug up. Today he is almost back to his wild man self!

The same night Doug was limping so was Sugar Dog. Checking her paw there was a blackberry thorn lodged between her pads. Yup, I'd be limping too! Since I already had the Betadine scrub out it was time to doctor her up. Pulled the thorn, washed out the puncture, put some Animax on it then wrapped her foot.

Tomorrow is going to be a very fun and exciting day! Anyone want to guess why that might be?

Until next time.............................

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just one of those really good days!

Ever had a day that was just, well, a really good one? The one where you smile a lot? For a change of pace, today was that kind of day for me!!

Everything went smooth this morning taking care of all the animals. Stew Pot is doing fantastic. Oh, in case any of you are curious as to why his name is Stew Pot here is why. Several years ago he belonged to a neighbor. Then Stew Pot kept coming over. The day the neighbor tossed him over the fence and told him that he belonged here, well, he became a permanent resident. Well, in the beginning Stew Pot was a bit on the aggressive side. You know the whole rooster thing. One morning I had had enough of watching my back for fear of Stew Pot attacking me from behind. But sure enough as I turned around he was in the process of challenging me. That was all I needed. I turned around, chased after him, he ducked under the pasture gate all the while he was thinking that I wouldn't follow. Wrong! I can get through a gate lightning quick. I took off after him, chased him around the pasture all the while telling him he was going into the stew pot! Shhh, not that I would have done it, but he doesn't know that. Anyway, after the chasing and we went back up to the barn, I informed him if he chased me or anyone else again then that was it! Into the stew pot he would go! Since that day he has not once challenged me or anyone else! Hence the name Stew Pot.

Okay, back to my day.

After taking care of all the animals, I had to get ready to go to town and have lunch with my youngest daughter. She was seriously needing some 'mom' time. Off to town I went and the drive was so beautiful. Got to her house, picked her up and off we went for a glorious lunch. Just her and I. Then we went shopping at the Goodwill. Then we went to another place, but am saving to tell about that place until next week.

Oh, and my youngest informed me that she earned straight A's for Winter term.

What a wonderful time we had.

The drive back home was again beautiful.

Got home. Went out and scrubbed water troughs and while they were filling up I brushed some of the donkeys. And donkeys are so funny because when one sees another getting brushed, they have to be brushed too. Before you know it there are ears and butts everywhere! And I loved it!

Earlier this evening I received a call from my youngest daughters' high school German teacher. My youngest is a sophomore at University. She wanted to know if I would be willing to be interviewed by one of her senior students who is doing a senior paper on rescuing animals. It has been several years since I have talked with her teacher so it was a pleasant surprise. I of course said yes!  Education is the key!!! 

Yes, yes today was one of those very rare days where it was just, really nice.

Until next time..........................

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stew Pot and wacky weather

Stew Pot lives! I soaked and cleaned his leg twice yesterday, but after several failed attempts at wrapping it by myself I had to finally give in and ask for help. While I held him and talked to him his leg got wrapped. I'm not sure if it was my holding him and talking to him or if he was weak from blood loss ( yes he did lose a lot) or what, but he just snuggled against me while the bandage went on. There was an instant when he sort of went limp and closed his eyes. My first thought was he was dying and I started to get upset.

Nope, he wasn't dying. As soon as he was all doctored up I walked him over to his girls, set him down and he acted as if nothing had happened.
When I went out this morning to let the chickens out I immediately looked for him. Yup, there he was, the first out the door and looking as spry as ever.
Still don't know how he injured himself. All I know is that under his spur by his leg is where he was bleeding.

 The flour I put on his wound yesterday sort of did the trick, but not to my liking. So I put some Wonder Dust on it. It doesn't say if it is good for chickens, but it's good for horses, dogs and donkeys! Well, obviously it didn't kill him so am guessing using it on chickens is okay!

Had to go to town today. Want to talk wacky weather! On the last stop in town I dropped my cell phone in a huge water puddle! And the battery and back popped off so yes, my phone got soaked. Right now it is sitting in a bowl of rice to dry out. We'll see if it works later! lol

Okay, so on the drive home, which takes about 45 minutes. First the sun was shining. Then it got windy. Then the clouds rolled in. Then it started raining. Then it started snowing. The closer I got to home, the weather started reversing from when I started. Stopped snowing. Stopped raining. Clouds went away. Closer to home there were blue skies.

Wow, talk about if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes! Ha Ha

Until next time............................

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First toy and a wounded Stew Pot

Yesterday I was finally able to burn the pile of twigs, branches etc. Nice to have that pile gone.

Gracie now has her very own chainsaw that makes sound and the chain moves! Yes, I know she is too young for it now. But she will get bigger and when she is ready to 'use' her chainsaw, it will be waiting for her. I can see in my minds eye her up on the hill helping cut firewood! I am also going to get her a hard hat, coveralls and boots. A farm girl has to dress the part!!

This morning when I went out to feed the horses and donkeys I noticed this rather large puddle of blood in the breezeway. I followed the drops of blood to find out who is injured.

Turns out it is Stew Pot ( first rooster) who has an injury to his foot. Have no idea how it happened, but it was bleeding pretty good.  

Not really too sure about what to do for him, I gathered a few supplies such as a shallow container with diluted peroxide in it, container of flour to stop the bleeding and some vet wrap to wrap it. Well, the soaking and cleaning went well, although I was unable to wrap it. Holding a big ol' rooster who doesn't really want to be held and trying to bandage his foot proved too stressful for him.
I will check on him throughout the day to see how his wound is doing. If it continues to bleed I will call my brother who lives a few minutes away and see if he can come over to hold Stew Pot while I wrap.

If any of you have suggestions as to what I can do for him I'd sure appreciate it. Looking online can give one a headache with too much information overload.

Another storm is due to arrive today. Hope it isn't anything like Sunday's storm was. That one was pretty fierce!

As with most of you I am sure you are keeping your ears and eyes towards what Japan is going through. I must admit the nuclear plant situation is a bit worrisome.

Speaking of the tragedy in Japan, I was reading an article written by a Russian scientist that stated within 14 days of the earthquake in Japan that the United States will be hit with a large quake. The West Coast was hit pretty bad with the tsunami waves causing millions of dollars in damage.

Until next time........................ 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Busy week... as usual!

I swear the days are seriously going by so fast these days. Before I know it another week has passed.

Yesterday evening my oldest daughter gave me a surprise 50th birthday party at her house. Family was there. It was wonderful to see them.  We took Gracie with us and she was such a good baby the whole time. Gracie's mom stayed here at the house.  And my oldest daughter had this cake made. Isn't it amazing!! There is a local bakery and the gal who works there makes the most stunning cakes. This cake looks like our Mustang. I really didn't want to cut into it and eat it! But not having a humongous freezer to store it, it had to be cut into and eaten. Thank goodness for cameras!!!
While I was in town grocery shopping earlier this week, a neighbor called to let me know that the Paint horse in my pasture somehow got his blanket onto his neck and partially over his head. Being 45 minutes away from home there wasn't anything I could do. I hurried along and the neighbor called back to let me know that someone driving a white vehicle had stopped, went into the pasture and took the blanket off.
Once I got back home, I expected to find a note, but nope. The next day I saw a white vehicle pulling out of a driveway across the road. So I drove down to the little country store to see if anyone there knew who drove the white vehicle. Yup, the store owner did. She wasn't there so I left a message. Later that day she stopped off to let me know it wasn't her that took the blanket off my horse. But she had been meaning to stop off and say hi ever since we moved in. Hmmmmm.  I still have no idea who did, but I am thankful to whoever did it. And nope, my horse is not going to be wearing anymore blankets for awhile. This is the second one he has ruined while living here! At a hundred dollars a pop, well, buying him a new one is not an option.
As I have stated before, the community out here is really wonderful.
And I got to meet another neighbor because of it! I have found out that everyone exchanges phone numbers around here. Which is a good thing for watching out for one another.  

Also earlier this week a new addition was brought here. This is Diamond and he/she came from the railroad tracks in town. Yes, a completely feral cat! But one that was in danger of being shot or poisoned. There were other cats down at the tracks and most all were caught and taken in by folks. Diamond is young and scared to death. For the first few days he/she was nowhere to be found. But then I noticed him in the old dairy barn. So, he gets fed and watered up there. Last night I saw him by the back steps eating cat food. In time he will realize we won't hurt him, become friendly enough to catch, then off to the vet to get spayed/neutered and vaccinated.
Yeah, I know, the last thing we need is another mouth to feed, but when an animal needs a home and some help, well, the door is always open.

While up on the hills behind the house I found this skull. Pretty sure it is of a deer.

Gracie had a checkup this week and she weighs almost ten pounds now!

Just before writing today's blog I read what I had wrote when I started this blog. The words day to day going on around here etc, caught my attention.  I have to say I have been terrible about not doing what I said/wrote. So, I promise to get back to it. Even if it just to say hello to all of you.

Until next time.......................

Saturday, March 5, 2011


No pics in this one. For some reason they just don't want to load. Ugh!

On Wednesday my one brother came over to visit for awhile.

On Friday my other brother stopped by and it was wonderful to see him. It has been a little over three years since we have spoken. Long story.

Friday evening my sister brought her new baby over! It has been over three years since we've  spoken to one another either. Yes, long story. This is the sister whom I texted last Sunday. 

It was really nice to meet my niece who is now three months old. And yes, she is a cutie!

This morning we went up on the hill for more firewood and before I knew it, my brother who came by on Friday, showed up to help with the wood. 

Later today I was thinking how nice it was to see my brother and sister again. Sure did miss them. 
We cleared the air and all is grand. I then realized that having them back in my life really is nice.  Okay, I do have to say the damage done between mother and I will never be cleared. That ship set sail. Door closed and bolted.

Hmm, I wonder if I am beginning to soften just a bit these days. Hmmmm.

Something else has been bothering me quite a lot lately. I look on Craigslist in the pet section and also in the farm and garden section. There are daily ads in the pet section saying that the people have to get rid of their dogs and cats because there is a new baby coming into the house. Um, really? Just because a baby is coming into the house doesn't mean the dog or cat has to go. It just makes me angry that some people still view animals as throwaway objects. 

And in the farm and garden section there are so many free horses or dirt cheap ones for various reasons. What is sad about these ads is kill buyers show up, sweet talk the owner ( as in lying through their crooked teeth), take the horse and either sell them at auction to another kill buyer or when they have enough horses, drive them to Canada or Mexico to be savagely slaughtered since horses are no longer slaughtered here. I do email the ads and warn the people of what could possibly happen to their horses. Some thank me, others tell me to mind my own business. Yes, I am against horse slaughter. If you have never seen a video of a horse slaughter plant, just go to You Tube and type in horse slaughter.

Well, seems I have worked myself up! So on that note I'll wish all of you a most glorious day/evening. And yes, once again I have to catch up with all of you.

Until next time...........................