Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just one of those really good days!

Ever had a day that was just, well, a really good one? The one where you smile a lot? For a change of pace, today was that kind of day for me!!

Everything went smooth this morning taking care of all the animals. Stew Pot is doing fantastic. Oh, in case any of you are curious as to why his name is Stew Pot here is why. Several years ago he belonged to a neighbor. Then Stew Pot kept coming over. The day the neighbor tossed him over the fence and told him that he belonged here, well, he became a permanent resident. Well, in the beginning Stew Pot was a bit on the aggressive side. You know the whole rooster thing. One morning I had had enough of watching my back for fear of Stew Pot attacking me from behind. But sure enough as I turned around he was in the process of challenging me. That was all I needed. I turned around, chased after him, he ducked under the pasture gate all the while he was thinking that I wouldn't follow. Wrong! I can get through a gate lightning quick. I took off after him, chased him around the pasture all the while telling him he was going into the stew pot! Shhh, not that I would have done it, but he doesn't know that. Anyway, after the chasing and we went back up to the barn, I informed him if he chased me or anyone else again then that was it! Into the stew pot he would go! Since that day he has not once challenged me or anyone else! Hence the name Stew Pot.

Okay, back to my day.

After taking care of all the animals, I had to get ready to go to town and have lunch with my youngest daughter. She was seriously needing some 'mom' time. Off to town I went and the drive was so beautiful. Got to her house, picked her up and off we went for a glorious lunch. Just her and I. Then we went shopping at the Goodwill. Then we went to another place, but am saving to tell about that place until next week.

Oh, and my youngest informed me that she earned straight A's for Winter term.

What a wonderful time we had.

The drive back home was again beautiful.

Got home. Went out and scrubbed water troughs and while they were filling up I brushed some of the donkeys. And donkeys are so funny because when one sees another getting brushed, they have to be brushed too. Before you know it there are ears and butts everywhere! And I loved it!

Earlier this evening I received a call from my youngest daughters' high school German teacher. My youngest is a sophomore at University. She wanted to know if I would be willing to be interviewed by one of her senior students who is doing a senior paper on rescuing animals. It has been several years since I have talked with her teacher so it was a pleasant surprise. I of course said yes!  Education is the key!!! 

Yes, yes today was one of those very rare days where it was just, really nice.

Until next time..........................


  1. Oh yay! Here's to many more really good days!

  2. Yay! Love the Stewpot story. I'd love to hear the stories of all your animals! Kudos to Youngest for her GPA. What's she studying?

  3. glad you had one of those days! hope it carries into the whole weekend for you. like the stewpot story - wish it would work for my mean 'ol rooster!

  4. That WAS a wonderful day! Love the story of how Stew Pot got his name! I hope each day is as good as the last!

  5. Got to love these 'balancing' days!!!! Thanks for Stew Pots 'story'......animal psychology really works. You obviously are the 'alpha' around the animals and they respect that. I've learned that Sophie wants limits and needs an alpha around to keep her calm and focused.

  6. So glad you had a nice day. I must say I got a chuckle on how Stew Pot got his name. It sounds very similar to the story of my Naughty Rooster Boy. :-)

  7. you are the perfect person to interview about rescuing animals.

  8. My father-in-law would provoke our rooster to chase him and then complain about it. Like you, we knew that you had to show the rooster who was boss. So, we'd laugh as the rooster would chase him around on the riding mower. You should have seen the grass by the time they were done.

    Keep those good days coming. And remember that even the "bad"days have a brighter side.

  9. Glad you had a great day! Had to laugh at your comment about brushing donkeys. Ain't that the truth!!! A line usually forms here when the brushes come out. :) Have a great Sunday!

  10. These are the very best kind of days! I'm so glad you got some time with her, just the two of you, and I know she *loved* every second!

    Haaaa.... I wonder if your "Stewpot trick" would work with my Roopert?! Fortunately, Roopert only turns evil in spring - the rest of the time he's fairly mellow.
    I'm laughing at the thought of you flying through the gate after Stewpot and Stewpot's surprise at your speed and agility! :-)


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