Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First toy and a wounded Stew Pot

Yesterday I was finally able to burn the pile of twigs, branches etc. Nice to have that pile gone.

Gracie now has her very own chainsaw that makes sound and the chain moves! Yes, I know she is too young for it now. But she will get bigger and when she is ready to 'use' her chainsaw, it will be waiting for her. I can see in my minds eye her up on the hill helping cut firewood! I am also going to get her a hard hat, coveralls and boots. A farm girl has to dress the part!!

This morning when I went out to feed the horses and donkeys I noticed this rather large puddle of blood in the breezeway. I followed the drops of blood to find out who is injured.

Turns out it is Stew Pot ( first rooster) who has an injury to his foot. Have no idea how it happened, but it was bleeding pretty good.  

Not really too sure about what to do for him, I gathered a few supplies such as a shallow container with diluted peroxide in it, container of flour to stop the bleeding and some vet wrap to wrap it. Well, the soaking and cleaning went well, although I was unable to wrap it. Holding a big ol' rooster who doesn't really want to be held and trying to bandage his foot proved too stressful for him.
I will check on him throughout the day to see how his wound is doing. If it continues to bleed I will call my brother who lives a few minutes away and see if he can come over to hold Stew Pot while I wrap.

If any of you have suggestions as to what I can do for him I'd sure appreciate it. Looking online can give one a headache with too much information overload.

Another storm is due to arrive today. Hope it isn't anything like Sunday's storm was. That one was pretty fierce!

As with most of you I am sure you are keeping your ears and eyes towards what Japan is going through. I must admit the nuclear plant situation is a bit worrisome.

Speaking of the tragedy in Japan, I was reading an article written by a Russian scientist that stated within 14 days of the earthquake in Japan that the United States will be hit with a large quake. The West Coast was hit pretty bad with the tsunami waves causing millions of dollars in damage.

Until next time........................ 


  1. I would recommend a rinse with garlic infusion.

  2. Ooooh what a nasty looking wound!! It looks like his bone is shredded or something. Poor guy.

  3. You got the baby a little chainsaw? Um, you have an extra closet to start storing all the cute things you are gonna buy for her before she can sit?

    No idea what to do about the rooster, sorry. :(

    I think we are all going to be quite concerned about the nuclear plants in China... the winds blow from West to East.......

  4. cute saw, and I love your birthday cake, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  5. you need to get this to stop bleeding they can easily bleed out. hope the little guy is ok.

  6. Very cute saw - john uses a purple spray on his chickens-good for wounds in awkward places-will check with him ask what it is.

  7. You know, you buy all of these things like that cute little saw for Grace, and you're jinxing yourself. You'll end up with a girly girl, who likes princesses and dress up, and wouldn't dream of getting her hands dirty.

    I don't know anything about chickens, so I'll just hope that Stewpot gets well quickly and easily.

  8. yes the purple spray works wonders if you can catch the bloody thing!

  9. Gracie is going to be a great addition to your family...just keep her away from those Chainsaw Movies...ouch! ;-)

  10. Let's hope that Russian scientist is no correct in his prediction!
    We will be able to use Gracie's chainsaw that time our trees will probably need some serious pruning!!!

  11. I would have recommended styptic stuff myself, but it sounds like you have some good suggestions from others. You'll have to get her some 'safety equipment' to go with the saw. ;) I can see her little hat and glasses now...



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