Sunday, March 13, 2011

Busy week... as usual!

I swear the days are seriously going by so fast these days. Before I know it another week has passed.

Yesterday evening my oldest daughter gave me a surprise 50th birthday party at her house. Family was there. It was wonderful to see them.  We took Gracie with us and she was such a good baby the whole time. Gracie's mom stayed here at the house.  And my oldest daughter had this cake made. Isn't it amazing!! There is a local bakery and the gal who works there makes the most stunning cakes. This cake looks like our Mustang. I really didn't want to cut into it and eat it! But not having a humongous freezer to store it, it had to be cut into and eaten. Thank goodness for cameras!!!
While I was in town grocery shopping earlier this week, a neighbor called to let me know that the Paint horse in my pasture somehow got his blanket onto his neck and partially over his head. Being 45 minutes away from home there wasn't anything I could do. I hurried along and the neighbor called back to let me know that someone driving a white vehicle had stopped, went into the pasture and took the blanket off.
Once I got back home, I expected to find a note, but nope. The next day I saw a white vehicle pulling out of a driveway across the road. So I drove down to the little country store to see if anyone there knew who drove the white vehicle. Yup, the store owner did. She wasn't there so I left a message. Later that day she stopped off to let me know it wasn't her that took the blanket off my horse. But she had been meaning to stop off and say hi ever since we moved in. Hmmmmm.  I still have no idea who did, but I am thankful to whoever did it. And nope, my horse is not going to be wearing anymore blankets for awhile. This is the second one he has ruined while living here! At a hundred dollars a pop, well, buying him a new one is not an option.
As I have stated before, the community out here is really wonderful.
And I got to meet another neighbor because of it! I have found out that everyone exchanges phone numbers around here. Which is a good thing for watching out for one another.  

Also earlier this week a new addition was brought here. This is Diamond and he/she came from the railroad tracks in town. Yes, a completely feral cat! But one that was in danger of being shot or poisoned. There were other cats down at the tracks and most all were caught and taken in by folks. Diamond is young and scared to death. For the first few days he/she was nowhere to be found. But then I noticed him in the old dairy barn. So, he gets fed and watered up there. Last night I saw him by the back steps eating cat food. In time he will realize we won't hurt him, become friendly enough to catch, then off to the vet to get spayed/neutered and vaccinated.
Yeah, I know, the last thing we need is another mouth to feed, but when an animal needs a home and some help, well, the door is always open.

While up on the hills behind the house I found this skull. Pretty sure it is of a deer.

Gracie had a checkup this week and she weighs almost ten pounds now!

Just before writing today's blog I read what I had wrote when I started this blog. The words day to day going on around here etc, caught my attention.  I have to say I have been terrible about not doing what I said/wrote. So, I promise to get back to it. Even if it just to say hello to all of you.

Until next time.......................


  1. Wow ! I can`t believe that is not a pot horse but a cake! truly amazing-glad you had a good birthday ! lovely to hear Gracie is doing well and i`m sure your new addition will settle in soon !

  2. The cake is!

  3. Yowza, now that's some cake! Happy Birthday!

    You may never know who removed the blanket....

    Sounds like you have nice neighbors! It's good to have each other's names and numbers.

    Welcome to Diamond - I hope he/she comes around to loving y'all, sooner than later!

    Sounds like Gracie is really growing!

    Have a nice evening!

  4. Having a neighborhood that looks out for eachother is so nice.
    I built my house 16 years ago. As the neighborhood has changed over the years, one thing has stayed. That's the fact that we all look out for eachother. I love my neighbors and my house. When I moved here, I thought it was for a year or two. Now, I see no need to ever leave.

  5. First off....HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY!!!! You young thing!
    You are certainly back into the swing of things around the farm.
    Diamond is the'll 'come around' in no time once it realizes where it is!!!
    Yea for Gracie! A 10 pounder now.
    Good to hear from you.

  6. What a great post. I love hearing everything you are doing. That cake is to die for! Wow! I've never seen anything like that before!
    I am so happy for Diamond. He/she is so lucky! And how wonderful to have a good Samaritan take off the blanket.
    The skull is very interesting. The bumps over the eyes seem really large.

  7. Diamond is beautiful! So glad she's (he's?) found a home.

  8. What an incredible cake! Hope you had a wonderful 50th birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday~!~!
    That cat is so beautiful... Big long whiskers ...I love black and white cats..
    Thanks for taking him/her into your life.
    Ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  10. You certainly did have a full week. The cake is just beautiful. And, I continue to be so glad for you, that the new neighborhood is so congenial.

  11. are still a youngin...just wait until you hit 60...not say who's 60 around here!
    Your neighbours sound like the they are ok but not a big once in awhile but that's about it. Oh well...
    Diamond is a cutie patootie...goes without sayin'

    Cheers from a clipped doodle!

  12. Happy Birthday and what a fantastic cake!


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