Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tired and a vent.

Sorry, no pics today. Computer is not wanting to load them. Must be the rain.
And speaking of rain. It was on the news this morning that we have had 20 days of rain in the month of March. No wonder everyone is ready for the nice warm days of Spring.

My brother and sister came to visit over the weekend. It is so nice to see them now that we are all getting along again.

And my brother is coming over tomorrow to help me clear out some blackberry bushes that are on one end of the area where the garden is going to go. Not only is he going to help with the bushes he is going to bring his rototiller over this weekend and till up the ground where the garden is going to go.

As you know I am an animal advocate through and through. Wherever I can help I will. Being on facebook I am able to keep up more with what is going on with animal abuse, horse slaughter, the BLM horse and burro roundups, PMU farms, puppy mills, etc... I write letters, email, sign petitions and make phone calls on behalf of the animals. But I have to admit that seeing and reading about how many people abuse and or kill animals, how many horses are sent to slaughter and what they have to endure, how the BLM conducts their roundups, well, it just gets so sad and frustrating because it seems as if we are not being heard. The so called punishment the abusers get is usually a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again. The BLM continues to do their own thing regardless. The double decker slaughter trucks horses are transported in continue to roll down the roads even though it is against the law to transport horses in double decker trailers. The kill buyers haunt auctions looking for cheap horses to sell for slaughter or they respond to ads for free or cheap horses and lie just to get the horse so they can sell them for slaughter. The known irresponsible breeders allowed to keep breeding their horses, dogs, cats. And on and on.

For those of us involved in trying to change the laws, stop the illegal transportation, shut down puppy mills, close down the PMU farms,etc... it gets really tiring. I am not saying I am going to give up because that is just not going to happen. Just saying how it can just make one tired.

Oh and something else that has really gotten under my skin is there are more and more rescues that aren't doing what they should be doing. Such as spending donation money on themselves and not the animals. Please, if you donate money to an organization, please make sure they are legitimate. Check the the Better Business Bureau. Check with websites that list organizations and see what the rating is for that charity. There are excellent rescues all over the world and it is sad that the bad ones make it hard for the good ones. One way to donate to an organization without giving money is to send/drop off supplies, purchase a gift card that can only be used at a local feed/dog/cat store. Or even find the name of the vet that is used and send money to the vet's office to be put on the account of the rescue organization. Adopt from a local rescue to make room for another to come in rather than have more animals euthanized or in the case of horses/donkeys/mules sold and sent to slaughter. No animal should ever have to suffer at the hands of humans.   

Although I have to say that when there is a victory on our side whether it be small or large, it is worth everything that was done on behalf of the animals.

I feel better now. Thanks for listening. Although I must warn you that I will vent from time to time about this same subject.  And please give all your critters a hug or a pat from me or in some cases a hello to them will be just fine.

Oh, my tattoo is fabulous! No, it didn't hurt, but I have to say that the next day my leg did feel like I had been kicked by a horse! But really, it was no big deal.

This Friday I am spending the day with my youngest and oldest daughter at the historic town that is about twenty minutes away from where I live. We are going to have lunch and then 'tour' an area in that town that we all have been to several times before and love. Yes, there are going to be tons of pics taken and yes, will post about it. There are several of you who I know will very much enjoy the pics. 

Oh my gosh, one more thing I have to mention. My sister who lives in Texas has finally started her own blog. If you would like to stop in and visit  her blog just click here  Love ya Sis! :)

Until next time.........................


  1. It is good to vent once in a while! With so many charities now, one has to be careful that it's not a scam. Yes, dog & cat food would be better for the pound or if they have an account at the vet's.

    Enjoy your tour on Friday!

  2. It is good to vent!! And as an animal lover myself, I want to say THANK YOU for all you do in support of all animals out there. We need more people like you doing what you're doing. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but if venting helps, then do it.

  3. All things worth fighting for take time to change. Every little bit counts!
    Vent away.....good for the soul.
    Nice to have family help.
    Will check out your sister now.

  4. Hey sis...vent away. I have always admired your dedication for the animals and I really like the idea of donating money to the vet for the rescue orgs. That is a good thought. And thanks for the plug for my blog. Love you too.

  5. good advice and i don't mind reading a vent at all. we all need to do it! i am so tired of animal abuse adn i admire your tenacity in helping stop the abuse or at least shedding some light on it. i joined your sister's blog. i am sure she will be a great blogger!

  6. Your vent is heard and the message is clear and agreed upon. I do love the idea of giving gift cards or putting money on the vet's account as a way of donating. We've visited a number of places that ask you to bring food - an easy way to help out. Have fun on Friday! Can't wait to see pictures.

  7. Amen on checking out rescues thoroughly. I always say that it is best to support those that are local, and that you can go and check out in person. The fact that an organization is a 501c3 can be deceiving, and 990's are hard to read for the average person. Money is tight these days, and it behooves us all to make sure it is being spent wisely.

  8. Just recently there have been several incident's (one a collie puppy mill, 75 dogs were seized) where animals had to be rescued. What made these more 'interesting' to my mind was the fact that these people had very nice 'warm and fuzzy' websites that indicated that the animals were the love of their lives. (Like our animals really are). Reading them and seeing pictures of the animals everything looks lovely and clean and special. However the reality was they sold and shipped the animals so that no buyer ever stepped foot on their filthy cruel horrible place. Just a reality check---it's very easy to portray a lifestyle you don't live via the internet!

  9. There are some really amazing nonprofits out there but the few unethical ones seem to always get the limelight... Human greed knows no bounds. It is very frustrating but keep up the fight: your dedication to helping animals makes a huge difference -- never ever forget that! On another note: congrats on your tattoo! I've never been super big on tattoos but the ones I like are the ones that are of a beloved person or animal in a person's life -- it truly is the ultimate display of love, if you are willing to put he/she on your body:) It looks awesome! A beautiful pic:) I know you'll meet again and until then, you have his face on your body to remind you of your love every day. The critters here & I send you much love!


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