Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stew Pot and wacky weather

Stew Pot lives! I soaked and cleaned his leg twice yesterday, but after several failed attempts at wrapping it by myself I had to finally give in and ask for help. While I held him and talked to him his leg got wrapped. I'm not sure if it was my holding him and talking to him or if he was weak from blood loss ( yes he did lose a lot) or what, but he just snuggled against me while the bandage went on. There was an instant when he sort of went limp and closed his eyes. My first thought was he was dying and I started to get upset.

Nope, he wasn't dying. As soon as he was all doctored up I walked him over to his girls, set him down and he acted as if nothing had happened.
When I went out this morning to let the chickens out I immediately looked for him. Yup, there he was, the first out the door and looking as spry as ever.
Still don't know how he injured himself. All I know is that under his spur by his leg is where he was bleeding.

 The flour I put on his wound yesterday sort of did the trick, but not to my liking. So I put some Wonder Dust on it. It doesn't say if it is good for chickens, but it's good for horses, dogs and donkeys! Well, obviously it didn't kill him so am guessing using it on chickens is okay!

Had to go to town today. Want to talk wacky weather! On the last stop in town I dropped my cell phone in a huge water puddle! And the battery and back popped off so yes, my phone got soaked. Right now it is sitting in a bowl of rice to dry out. We'll see if it works later! lol

Okay, so on the drive home, which takes about 45 minutes. First the sun was shining. Then it got windy. Then the clouds rolled in. Then it started raining. Then it started snowing. The closer I got to home, the weather started reversing from when I started. Stopped snowing. Stopped raining. Clouds went away. Closer to home there were blue skies.

Wow, talk about if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes! Ha Ha

Until next time............................


  1. Awe, I hope he is going to be ok. I know what you are saying about the weather. Same here!

  2. Glad stew pot is doing better and back with his girls !

  3. Glad you got Stew Pot fixed up!

    Definitely wacky weather! Sounds Twilight Zone-ish.

  4. Glad to hear Stew Pot is doing well. Their resilience amazes me sometimes.

  5. Hooray for Stewpot's recovery! And oopsie on the phone. A hair dryer on LOW will also help get the water out.


  6. It's good to hear that Stew Pot is doing much better.

  7. poor little stewpot! i hope he recovers 100% and NOT go into your stew pot.

  8. Oh no! Poor Stewpot. Sounds like you doctored him up just fine, though - do you know what happened to him? Sounds like roosters can be almost as stoic as donkeys when it comes to their wounds!

  9. Love Stew Pots name!!! Wonder if he has developed a complex?
    Your weather sounds like ours here in Nova Scotia....can't predict it at all!

  10. Yeah Stew Pot! I know how he feels with a name like that. I'd hate the days that my mom would tell me that we were having stew for dinner.


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