Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Goings on

Monday morning the senior from the high school came out and spent a few hours here asking questions and meeting the critters here. Her plan after graduation is to further her education concerning animal welfare and  eventually start her own rescue.
And come to find out her Grandmother lives just down the road from us! Since she comes out to visit her Grandmother she asked if she could stop by and visit the horses and donkeys. Well of course!

Yesterday Joe, my farrier, came out to trim horses and donkeys. It is always a pleasure to visit with Joe. About fifteen minutes after Joe left, I went inside the house then I heard a honking at the gate. There was a gentleman who wanted to let me know that as he was driving by he noticed the white horse's back leg was caught in one of the blanket straps. I thanked him and walked out to the pasture to either remove the blanket or see what the heck was going on. Since it was a nice day I took her blanket off and last night replaced it with another one.
This winter the horses have been terrible with their blankets! Lots of repairing blankets this year.
This community is truly amazing!

Even though I swore I wouldn't let Little Inger sit and hatch anymore eggs, well, you know the answer to that! I just can't say no to her!  She has eight eggs under her and they should be hatching very soon. Just what is needed around here is more chickens when I have Americauna chicks on order as well as Frizzles. Oh, and of course let's not forget the Guineas.

The donkey and horses are beginning to show signs of shedding. Yay!! I love when they lose their winter coats. Definite therapy for me to stand and groom them.
And speaking of therapy. This is kind of on the same note. For some time I have felt a bit out of sorts. Lost per say. Couldn't seem to find my direction again. But was unable to put my finger on as to why.
Last night it finally occurred to me ( with the help of my 'soul' sister) what the problem is. I need to center myself again. After realizing what had been lost, I felt so much better. Now I need to focus on getting centered and once there getting back into the captain's chair!

The other night I noticed Doug was limping on his right paw. After examining it I figured out he had been in a cat fight and there was an abscess forming on the pad. Off to the medicine cabinet I went, grabbed the Betadine scrub, sponge and some antibiotics and fixed Doug up. Today he is almost back to his wild man self!

The same night Doug was limping so was Sugar Dog. Checking her paw there was a blackberry thorn lodged between her pads. Yup, I'd be limping too! Since I already had the Betadine scrub out it was time to doctor her up. Pulled the thorn, washed out the puncture, put some Animax on it then wrapped her foot.

Tomorrow is going to be a very fun and exciting day! Anyone want to guess why that might be?

Until next time.............................


  1. You are a busy bee!!! I can't wait for all the chicks, and the GUINEAS!!!! Yeah, bring on the keets! :)

  2. You had a busy day, doctoring everyone. We all go through times where we lose our way a bit, I think. You're right, you have to go back and get yourself centered. Me too! It's not as easy as it sounds, though.

  3. Thank you so much for this update. I loved seeing Little Inger again, she sure is cute and has all the mothering instincts that I must be missing. Good for her. And who is that lovely cat? Doug? Has he been with you long? He is just beautiful. I hope you will find your center -- it's been a tough time for you. Even good surprises like Grace can stress you out. Take good care, Inger

  4. I can't imagine what is going to go on tomorrow, with you, I can never tell, lol! OH! I saw that nose and I just wanted to pet it, like velvet, I bet! Poor Doug and Sugar Dog, not fun to have boo boos on the feet :(

  5. Oh, let me see......would a baby be involved!
    Have fun! Glad you are feeling more `centered`. Hey, summer is right around the corner and you will be so could that be! You are always busy!

  6. You removed a thorn from his paw. Will he save you from something later, aka Aesop? (grin) It sounds like you had a busy "vet" day. Those can be interesting. Especially when the patients aren't apriciative...


  7. It certainly sounds like those animals are keeping you busy with doctoring them. I'm so glad you've found such a wonderful neighborhood to live in!

  8. Oh those horses and their blankets. Sounds like some great neighbors and townspeople there! Do the donkeys need blankets too? Or do they have enough fur (fur? hair?) ?
    Ann in WI

  9. Little Inger sure is cute! She is such a good little mama:)

  10. We all get feeling a little lost and out of balance sometimes and I agree that grooming a horse is really good therapy. I also have a little black Silkie sitting on 8 eggs. They just make the best "moms"! Can't wait to hear about tomorrow.


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