Saturday, March 5, 2011


No pics in this one. For some reason they just don't want to load. Ugh!

On Wednesday my one brother came over to visit for awhile.

On Friday my other brother stopped by and it was wonderful to see him. It has been a little over three years since we have spoken. Long story.

Friday evening my sister brought her new baby over! It has been over three years since we've  spoken to one another either. Yes, long story. This is the sister whom I texted last Sunday. 

It was really nice to meet my niece who is now three months old. And yes, she is a cutie!

This morning we went up on the hill for more firewood and before I knew it, my brother who came by on Friday, showed up to help with the wood. 

Later today I was thinking how nice it was to see my brother and sister again. Sure did miss them. 
We cleared the air and all is grand. I then realized that having them back in my life really is nice.  Okay, I do have to say the damage done between mother and I will never be cleared. That ship set sail. Door closed and bolted.

Hmm, I wonder if I am beginning to soften just a bit these days. Hmmmm.

Something else has been bothering me quite a lot lately. I look on Craigslist in the pet section and also in the farm and garden section. There are daily ads in the pet section saying that the people have to get rid of their dogs and cats because there is a new baby coming into the house. Um, really? Just because a baby is coming into the house doesn't mean the dog or cat has to go. It just makes me angry that some people still view animals as throwaway objects. 

And in the farm and garden section there are so many free horses or dirt cheap ones for various reasons. What is sad about these ads is kill buyers show up, sweet talk the owner ( as in lying through their crooked teeth), take the horse and either sell them at auction to another kill buyer or when they have enough horses, drive them to Canada or Mexico to be savagely slaughtered since horses are no longer slaughtered here. I do email the ads and warn the people of what could possibly happen to their horses. Some thank me, others tell me to mind my own business. Yes, I am against horse slaughter. If you have never seen a video of a horse slaughter plant, just go to You Tube and type in horse slaughter.

Well, seems I have worked myself up! So on that note I'll wish all of you a most glorious day/evening. And yes, once again I have to catch up with all of you.

Until next time...........................


  1. I must say it's nice that you and your siblings can patch things up. Even when we disagree and they annoy us, family is important. They helped to shape us into the people we are.

  2. Teresa's right when she says "they helped to shape us into the people we are." In my case - I tend to be in the same boat with you. I've always said my family were my best teachers. They taught me what NOT to do. Sometimes - there really ARE situations where it does not pay to have family - unless you want your own life to sink. Some of us are just lucky enough to get out of the muck. What we end up with - discovering life - and wishing the rest of our family would do the same. You've done good, AJ! Never doubt that.

  3. Just around the corner from us, is this place selling cheap pets mince, well we had just moved here and saw the ad. Took a drive down the gravel rd, to a shed/abbitor, hopped out and enquired. Warning bells went off looking outside and there were only old horses, strange I thought??? Needless to say I got back in my car with out spending a cent.

    The greyhound folk get a lot of their meat for their dogs there, all legal!!

    Nice you were able to patch things up with the family.

  4. I'm glad that you and your brother and sister repairing your relationship. It's good to have family at your back if you need them.

    The number of starved and abandoned horses is rising exponentially in this country. Rescues are full and people are desperate for help. Thank you for warning those people that there are those who will take advantage of their desperation, at the expense of their old companions.

  5. Wow, it was good to hear that the family showed up and started the healing process. I don't know the details, doesn't really matter, but if there are family members that we don't speak with or have 'strained' relationships with (I have one), it can be draining in itself. And life is short. But I hear you....sometimes it is better to just let them go out of our lives for good. And move on. Can onlt do and take so much.

  6. So excited for you that your sister and brothers are coming around. Could it be that you are "softening" since the birth of Grace? I think so. Family is important that's why I love you sis!

    As far as the cheap horses I am so glad that we found Blaze 10 years back and Cyrus 2 weeks ago. They were both headed to the local auction that kill buyers frequent. Wish I could save more but I can't.

  7. Good Morning!

    Nice to hear that some of your family is family again! I think most families have rifts, ours is one of the most - but as you say, that ship has sailed and I am a calmer person without having that rift shoved in my face all the time.

    So sad about the horses. So many out to make a buck over someone else' trials with life. I have never gotten rid of an animal because of a new baby, that is a shame.

  8. Good for you and your family for doing the right thing. It's not always the easy thing, but in the long run, it's what will enable you to not have any regrets.

  9. I know that good feeling of getting back in step with a brother and a sister. Things are still a bit tense with sister, but we have more good times than bad.
    I went to a horse auction last year. One poor guy led his 2 year-old lame horse around. She sold for $100 - maybe $50. He knew where she was going. As she left the arena he gave her the sweetest pat on her rump - a sad good-bye. It makes me cry just thinking about it.

  10. Horse slaughter breaks my heart. In college I kept my horse at a ranch that had 2 horses stolen. We had to go to horse slaughterhouses to look for them. It was AWFUL :-(

  11. I was thinking about my brother's illness, so am happy u have been re united with brother and sister!
    good for you

  12. Can't believe the slaughter house stomach turns! On a brighter've hashed out the ol' sibling stuff...great. My bro lives in Alberta and I haven't seen him since 1990...he didn't even come to my Mom's funeral so....I do talk on the phone when he wants to difficult when someone has no emotional really is a hindrance to compassion and forgiveness! Sophie's Dad Ron

  13. A very good friend of mine didn't talk to his mother or sister for over 10 years. All over some lies that were told before his father's death. He told me last week that he couldn't even remember the details of why they didn't speak. Time has a majical way of helping us to patch things up. These are people that helped to shape us into who we are and we are exactly where we need to be right now. Let the healing happen and open your heart to what they might be going through now. You can't change the past. But the future is just now taking shape.

  14. Glad you and family are patching it up; life is too short to live that long angry.

  15. So glad you all were able to get back together-sounds like they wanted too as much as you. That's often the case. I'm trying to rebuild with one of my brothers who's on the fence-but God willing is coming around. Blessings to you for trying to care and alert people about the animals.


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