Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's been going on.

Tried uploading pics yet once again and still unable to. I will figure this out eventually. But have to admit it is over the top frustrating.

So much going on lately.

I have been job hunting, but no success as of yet. As much as I hate to admit it, my age is against me. Especially with the younger generation also pounding the pavement. And now with school letting out soon the competition is more fierce. The unemployment rate here in the county I live in is 13%. It was 14%. The only thing I can keep doing is trying.

A wild critter got one of my hens right smack during the day! All I found was a bunch of feathers so don't know if a bird of prey came down or something come off one of the hills behind the house.

Little Inger and all 18 of her chicks are doing great. Those Americana's grow so fast!

The other night I couldn't find one of my indoor/outdoor kitties. Another search began, but alas, nothing. Nothing that is until the next morning!! Out he came from one of the closets here in the house! Little booger! Cats really know how to hide! I had to give up the search for Goat kitty. The only thing I can hope is she went quickly.

AJ, our Mustang, came down with laminitis.....again! This time it was pretty bad. When I went out to the pasture to get her into the medical area I set up, she wouldn't move. Not that I blame her because laminitis makes the feet very sore and tender. As I was trying to get her into the medical area, a neighbor stopped and asked if I needed help with my horse. I explained the situation, thanked her and said I could manage. After I explained the situation she started to cry! Oh man, here it is I am standing there with AJ and trying to comfort the neighbor ( no, not the ignorant horse neighbor). After calming down the neighbor I was able to get AJ into the area she needed to be in. Laminitis can sometimes come on so fast. Basically overnight! As I type this, AJ is comfortable, on meds, and will be fine in time.

And one of the indoor cats came down the a urinary tract infection and had to go to the vet. I had to buy a different bag of cat food which caused the infection. Thankfully my oldest daughter is a vet tech so she has the Trashman is at her house until he recovers.

My one brother and sister who live close by have been coming over more and more. It is always nice to see them.

Grace is three months old now and is cracking me up with all the new things she learns everyday.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, there is a lot more traffic on the highway. Some of it due to all the wineries close by. And there are quite a few motorcycles now. The other day I was outside, heard what I call 'crotch rockets', which are sports bikes, come flying down the highway. And I do mean flying! I do believe it is only a matter of time before there is an accident. Something I really do not want to see. 

And get this one! On a different day I hear one of those small passenger planes coming through the valley here. And it was low to the ground! I watched it bank to the left, then to the right and so on. At the end of the valley there are hills. Just as it looked like the plane was going to hit one of them, it banked to the left and came back this way. And the jerk who was flying buzzed the pasture where my horses and donkeys are! Thank goodness they didn't spook! If I had my wits about me I should have thrown a rock! Yes, it really was that close to the ground. 

Since moving out here my allergies have taken a turn for the worse. Ugh! I have tried several allergies meds with no luck. I am going to look into a natural way of dealing with them since I really don't like taking meds, even aspirin.

Okay, I won't bore you with anymore of what has been going on. Without pics it isn't much fun to read!

Until next time.......................


  1. I am knackered just reading the post......and I complain about my life being occassionally busy!

    what is your ideal job? what are you looking for?????????

  2. Sorry you can't upload pictures, but then I wouldn't be able to load your page, it's all a matter of perspective ha ha. My pages aren't much of anything, of late. Be glad you aren't on dial-up.

    Yah, I would like to see how big Grace has gotten though. Sorry about animal losses and illnesses :( Part of having a farm though. I know it's a struggle.

    Your crying neighbor, guess her day wasn't going so well, either. Good that you could calm her down.

    They say the economy is getting better - think "They" need to take a closer look. I hope you can find a job, yes, all those eager graduates are going to be out there as well. Maybe you need to create a service of some kind?

    Have a great day now!

  3. Sorry sis about AJ getting lame again but I am sure you will have her on the mend. I have been taking pictures on my iphone and posting pictures that way. Take the to yourself and post from the email. That works for me. Talk to you you.

  4. I wish I could figure out why you can't post pictures. The only time I've had difficulty is when they've been too large. Did you change the settings on your camera recently?
    Pippin sends his well wishes to AJ. He had laminitis before I got him and it must have been terrible. He had holes in the front of his hooves where the inflammation 'blew open' the hoof wall. OUCH!
    It seems like you are due for some good stuff!

  5. Good to hear from you! Girl, never a dull moment around your place.
    That plane's flight plan was a little bizarre!
    Hope you find a job......are you willing to do any thing?

  6. A.J.!! Bee Pollen - twice a day!! It works. I started back using it around the end of February. If you open up your house to save on the A/C... boil a pot of water on the stove to humidify ... and vacuum.

    As for your job search... What about doing your own thing at home? All that increased traffic has to be good for something!!! ;)


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