Sunday, May 29, 2011

Has this happened to you?

Have you ever 'met' someone/animal that you have never met in person, but there is an instant connection? There is just something extraordinary about them.  

This is Morgan. A few years back I met his owner online on EBay when she bid and won a leather halter and matching lead I had listed. After awhile we became close friends.
She sent me a picture of Morgan not too long after she rescued him from an ignorant, abusive man. The first time I saw this picture I felt there was an instant connection. There was something special about him. 
Everytime I emailed my friend I always asked how Morgan was doing and explained to her that there was a connection to him. She completely understood and didn't think I was crazy. Thank goodness. 
I actually fell in love with this handsome gentleman.  

While we were in the process of moving after losing the house, Morgan passed away and my friend didn't want to tell me because she said I was going through enough grief. After several months of living here in the rental she finally told me about Morgan.  She said he had just laid down and passed away peacefully.
Even as I write this the tears are streaming.

So, have you ever 'met' someone or an animal that you felt a bond? A connection? Even though you never met in person!

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  1. Had this little chat with grandson ... Can you really talk to animals Grandma says Cobi

    (You may crack a little smile)

    Yes my boy, you just got to listen very carefully.

    (About 10 mins later)

    Grandma I can talk to animals too.

    (and I can believe him too cause he adores animals, and so who are we too tell him he can't)

    Don't you just love the innocence.

    So I beleive there is a connection there, Hugs to you.

  2. I am very sad to hear about Morgan. He was beautiful. And yes, I have had that connection with animals too. Many of them. It just reinforces my belief that we all - whether animal or human - are connected. I am sorry for your loss.

  3. I don't think that is an odd thing at all. Over the years I've had a few people that I met and instantly befriended. Then there is my dog, with whom it was love at first sight for both of us. And even over the internet, I find a real connection with several people that I'll most likely never meet in person. Much like yourself.

  4. Morgan
    (after morgan freeman?)
    both have kind faces and a nice personality!

  5. I'm with Stew on this one! As soon as we 'met' you Cindy we both felt this we have known you for years. You have that way about lay out your 'soul' and some people respond in a very positive way.

  6. I am sad for you - it seems you have gone thru a lot and this is another painful loss. But, keep your chin up and a smile on your face for the blessing of having a good heart. Thank goodness Morgan had a good home to claim for a final resting place with your online friend that he could finally enjoy. Such connections are sweet.

  7. I stare into Sophie's eyes continually and I just know she understands and vicey versey. I'm always amazed at people who have no affinity for animals and wonder how they manage. To be close to animal is all I need and it makes me feel complete! Don't tell Jim that, right!wink wink

  8. I am so sorry about Morgan, what a kind face he had. I can understand your connection. There is a dog named Hamlet on a blog. He is very old and may not be around for long, but he is loved and well taken care of. I feel such a connection with this dog. I just love him and want to give him a hug every time I read about him.

  9. So sorry about Morgan.

    Yes I have found a few connections with dogs I have never met, and there are a lot of dogs on the blogs. It hurts when they pass away, the same as if they had been a regular visitor at my house and I had petted and loved them.

  10. So sorry about Morgan. :( He was a handsome boy... I can see why you had an instant connection with him!


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