Monday, April 25, 2011

Stick a fork in me I am done!

You guessed it, no pics in this post either. I have contacted blogger help so hopefully they can explain why I am unable to download images. I have tried everything under the help section. Ugh!

On Saturday what did I see? How about the ignorant horse owners walking the mare and foal down the road again! And this time it was more of a close call than ever before. Now that the foal is older she is wandering more and more away from mom. Curiosity. Sure enough a big white truck came barrelling down from around the curve, the owner of the mare and foal isn't paying any attention to what the foal is doing and sure enough the foal is meandering looking at this and that.

The white truck never slowed down, just veered off to the right of the road in the gravel ( which is right next to my pasture fence) and continued on his way. I heard the guy yell something at the truck but that was it.

After closing my mouth due to my jaw being dropped open, I got downright angry. If those ignorant horse owners continue walking the mare and foal on a busy highway, chances of that foal getting hit is high. And with my horses and donkeys in the pasture on this side of the road, it is only a  matter of time before the foal wants to meet them. Can you say an accident waiting to happen!

I have fumed over this latest incident for two days now. I have two options.

1- Punch those ignorant horse owners across the head then write with a permanent marker the word 'Idiot' on their foreheads. I know, that wouldn't do any good but hey, it would give me a frustration release. Or.......

2- When I see the idiots leading the mare on the road, to stop whatever I am doing and go across the road to at least stop traffic. The last thing I want to see is that foal getting hit.

Okay, enough of that.

On Friday I had lunch my my best friend who is actually a sister to me. Anyway, we had a wonderful lunch in Jacksonville, then sat on the steps of one of the historic buildings and chatted for about three hours.

My allergies have been horrible this year. And am pretty sure it is due to a whole lot more pollen here in the Applegate Valley than it was at my old house.

Oh, and my brother came over yesterday, went up on one of the hills behind the house, came down to inform me that both hills are covered in poison oak! Um, so much for trail riding up there.

I still haven't found Goat kitty. Hope is fading.

Garden spots are ready for planting. Just have to wait until the rain and wind stop.

Until next time............................


  1. When you save pictures to your computer, do you use .jpeg? Thats the best one to be able to upload... otherwise it may be too large a file for you to upload. I hope that is it!

  2. that is sad about goat kitty. i wish those idoits would wise up. i am so tired of stupid humans thinking they deserve animals.

  3. Make sign:
    Idiot walking mare and foal ahead!
    Stick it in the ground where idiot can see....
    (Maybe idiot just wants the $ for them hitting it?)

  4. some people are just stupid! I agree with sharon, make up a sign and put it up in the street. Maybe that might be enough to make the idiot think.

  5. After you have fully calmed down, you could approach those neighbours and tell them your concerns. Have a little something with you to give them to show what a great neighbour you are.....don't antagonize them. It will make matters worse for you and I don't yhink you want that.

    Poor Goat kitty!

    Nice that you can plant soon.

  6. I know the feeling when stupidity seems to rule...aaargh...then I take a deep breath and try to think rationally...hard so hard.
    Allergies are a downright nuisance...we go to "The Voodoo Lady" here to get them zapped! She is a miracle lady really!
    Hope the picture downloading problem gets fixed..I needs me some visuals!!

  7. Do you have a local Humane Society you could call about the "idiot" horse people. Maybe a visit from the agency would wake the "idiots" up.

  8. How can they not see the danger !
    I hope you are able to find your kitty, I know the feeling all too well, of losing a beloved pet, and wondering day after day.
    Have you figured out your picture problem with Blogger ?

  9. I would have to agree with Jim. Never know what reaction I'll get, but that's the right approach


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