Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some horse owners need a clue!

Blogger has been down for two days. And a lot has been going on in these last two days! All animal related. Oh, and I believe that Blogger fixed the picture problem! Yay!

On Thursday I looked out one of the big picture windows and saw a Paint horse ON the road! My first thought was, "Shit, Hoody's out on the road". I ran out the door, grabbed a halter and lead rope and bolted for the driveway gate. By the time I reached the gate and looked, I found out it wasn't my was the mare and filly from across the road!

A gentleman in a white truck stopped to prevent the mare and foal from going further down the road. He asked me if they were my horses. Nope. Not mine. Briefly explained that they belonged across the street. If you remember in some of my previous posts, I live on a scenic highway, which means, there is a lot of traffic. The mare wouldn't let me catch her. As I was trying to get the mare and filly back into their pasture, the cars and trucks kept coming. No one else stopped but the gentleman in the white truck. Talk about an adventure trying to dodge vehicles, keep the mare and filly out of harms way while trying to get them back where they belonged. 

After about half an hour I finally got the mare and filly back where they belonged, the owner of the property showed up, I explained what happened,  and that the gate was wide open which is how they got out. I also mentioned that the mare was uncatchable and was told that the only way to catch her is with a bucket of grain! And sometimes that doesn't work! Then the actual owner of the horses shows up, again the explanation, a quick thank you and the horse owner drove off without checking the gate or her horses! Geez! Talk about lack of concern and not teaching your horse how to halter! Ignorant!

Also on Thursday one of the irrigation guys came along and cleaned out the canal of blackberry bushes. The water was going to start running that afternoon! Yay!! Irrigation!! And while the canal was getting cleaned out, a mama possum and her four babies were found dead as well as a young doe also dead. Made me sad. 

Yesterday a fox was dead on the road and I can only hope it wasn't Fabio ( the one I feed). 

Hopefully you can see what is in the picture. Yesterday I was checking the irrigation canal and noticed movement! By gosh it was a crawfish! I know, some of you wouldn't get excited about seeing a crawfish, but I admit it, I got excited.

Oh, before I go, I would like to mention to anyone that watches Top Chef, to please boycott the show. On Monday Top Chef Canada is airing an episode where the contestants cook with horse meat! Now I know Europe and Canada do eat horse meat, but quite honestly, to me eating a horse would be like eating a dog or cat. I and alot of other folks have contacted Food Network and voiced our concerns. Wars have been won on the backs of horses. Countries have been built using horse power. Crops have been planted using horse power. Sorry, but eating a horse is not acceptable in my book. 

Okay, since I am on the subject of horses I have one more thing to say. The State of Nevada is trying to pass a bill that will cut off the water supply to the wild horses and burros in that state! Can you believe that?! Unacceptable on so many levels. If you want, and if you are on Face Book, please go to the Nevada 'like' page and leave your comments for everyone who is thinking of visiting that state letting them know how you feel about water being cut off to the horses and burros. Believe me, the State of Nevada does not like having all the negative comments being left on their 'like' page! 

Alrighty, time to wrap this up. 

Until next time..............................


  1. Shame on Top Chef Canada! Seriously, we don't watch it but won't for sure now!

    You are such a role model for the better treatment of horses/animals. You're neighbours ought to be very proud to have someone of your caliber in their midst!

  2. I just can't imagine eating horse...Top Chef could become Bottom Chef if they don't watch out. I'll go to Nevada FB page now. Those horses across the road I'm afraid are heading for their demise. So weird that the owners are so slow/dumb about this.

  3. EEK! I am shocked at the Top Chef! I am so out of the loop with tv, but I honestly never expected that. So sad!


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