Monday, May 9, 2011

I have been called a lot of things.....

I have been called a lot of things in my life, but today was a first.
The irrigation guy came along to clean out the irrigation canal. As we were talking he was telling me about one of the past owners who turned this property into a junk yard. He said there was junk everywhere one looked.
He mentioned how nice the place looks now.
I responded that one has to respect the earth and all living beings on it. And that we have been finding garbage and junk everywhere and how sad it is.  
He then looks right at me and says, " Oh, you're a Wiccan"!
A Wiccan! Um, no. Just someone who cares.

The job hunting is still going on. And in answer to some questions about what type of work I am looking for, well, just about anything. Although I really do have to draw the line and crawling under houses! My skills are working with animals, retail, sales. With school letting out shortly, the hunt will be that much tougher.

 On Saturday I helped my youngest move out of the dorm and into my oldest daughters house. My youngest lived on the fourth floor which you know what that means. Four flights of stairs up and down. I brought the dolly to get the fridge and microwave down to the truck. Which worked just fine, but yesterday and today I can feel it in my shoulders of carefully, step by step, getting that stuff down. My youngest kept asking me if I needed help and being who I am, I said no. She said she didn't want me to break a hip. Geeez, I am not ancient! So shhhhhh, don't tell that I am sore!

Still haven't been able to get the garden in due to the temps and rain. Soon though, soon.

How the heck have all of you been?

Until next time................


  1. Its nice that she cared! Look after yourself.

  2. I was guilty of doing everything and never asking for help, that and many tumbles from horse-riding has left me a nightmare of a back, broken-down knees and a bruised ego.
    If only we could turn the clock back twenty years or so.
    Wishing you much success with the job hunting, it's another pain ;)

  3. I woun't tell on ya promise.
    But between you and me, we are getting a little long in the tooth. lol
    I nearly wanted to knock out the dr when he said I have artheritis who's Authur? It's just sore muscles OK

  4. Just getting along going day by day. What an odd remark from the irrigation man. Must think that the statement about respecting the earth means something more than just respecting the earth. Sorry you are sore...but sis you are a little hard-headed lol. I started an exercise class that as been kicking my butt. Talk to you later...did the call ever come in today?

  5. We are just dandy here! Raining like crazy, but just dandy!
    A Wiccan eh? Always thought you had 'magic powers'! You certainly do when it comes to animals....and babies!
    Good luck in the job hunt and have a great week.

  6. Yup, moving kids in and out of dorms/apartments is tough, indeed. Luckily my son is staying in his apartment for the summer - 2nd year in a row in the same place! But, sadly, that just gives him more time to collect stuff, so when we do help move him out, he'll have more!

    Good luck with the job hunting. I noticed Target in our area was looking for sales help. Maybe some of the big box stores in your area (are there any?!) need sales help.

  7. Raining cats and dogs here too! We went for a short walk on the beach boardwalk today and managed 1/2 the distance. Soaked to the skin...Sophie loved it of course. I didn't know you were a Wiccan? ;-)


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