Monday, May 23, 2011

More Pics!!!

Ha Ha more pics!!!

The first rose of the season bloomed and this is what it looks like. It is huge! It's long stemmed. And it is very, very fragrant. Too bad I'm allergic to the smell. But it sure is pretty to look at.

There are many, many different types of trees on the property and they are all beautiful. Although this one is my absolute favorite. It is a walnut tree and it is very old. I found a website that has info on how to calculate how old trees are. Well, this one is over 100 years old! Quite possibly closet o 150! If only this old tree could talk, the stories it could share.  

See the area where there are no trees or brush or bushes? There are no stumps to indicate that there were trees at one time.  I have no idea why just that area doesn't have anything on it but grasses. Hmmmm. Maybe one day I will figure it out.

Just a purple Iris that bloomed behind the house.

This little one is suppose to be a Black Frizzle Bantam, but I am seriously wondering what breed he/she really is. There are hardly any feathers. You can't see but the lower neck is bald! I don't know what is wrong with him/ her. I gave him/her the name Troy. Well, Troy eats and drinks and poops just fine. Another hmmmmmm.

Now the Red Frizzles are starting to really frizzle now. What I have read about the breed, it isn't perfected so not all Frizzles will frizzle.  Just can't help but lean towards to unusual chickens.

Keep your fingers crossed for pics on the next posting.

Until next time..............


  1. Such beauty and fascination in everything around you! I am sad you can't smell the rose, but just looking at it on the screen makes me feel as if I can smell it. Amazing.

  2. That Rose is beautiful! Too bad you can't smell it. Our Naturopath could 'cure' you of that in two sittings! She did it for me as I was allergic to eggs. Now I have one every morning! Seriously!
    I heard that Walnut trees need there own space. Anything that grows under them doesn't have a chance to survive. Have you heard this? We have a Black Walnut far so good but it is small yet. Maybe that empty field had Walnut trees in it?!
    Those little chicks look so frail but I guess they do at this stage.
    I love those 'bearded' German Iris'.....nice pic.

  3. Laughing! I had to go look at adult frizzles - what fun! Bad hair... er, feather day, huh?
    Maybe Troy will surprise you and the ugly duckling... er chick... will turn into a gorgeous frizzly bird!
    I also enjoy the fact that you like the unusual chickens. Me, too! When we had chickens we lived in a community that didn't allow fowl. But, they did allow 'exotic' birds. So, we built our chicken pen and called it a bird cage, and had unusual (aka exotic) chickens!
    I can't wait to have more. Maybe next year!

  4. what a beautiful big Iris, now I have white Iris in my room-I love these flowers. Greetings!

  5. Enjoyed stumbling across ypur blog from another blog. To comment on Troy- if you breed frizzle to frizzle you can get sparse feathering and bald spots. My frizzle hen hatched an egg from her and a silky rooster. The chick is black and very frizzled just like her. Chickens are a lot of fun! We keep extra roosters out back, away from hens so they don't fight. They are fun pets too.


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