Sunday, April 10, 2011

Heated discussion and a head shake

Let's first start with the head shake.
Friday morning while I was out feeding the horses and donkeys the neighbor across the road hollered to get my attention. To the fence I went. She informed me that one of the mares in the front pasture gave birth sometime in the night. 
When I saw the foal, which is very cute, I commented on how tiny it was. Yes, foal's are small, but this one is more pony size small. The mare is average height and the stallion is also of average height. 
She then informed me that the foal is part Arabian, Quarter Horse, Pinto and Cob. Oh, really! And the mare is not wanting to let the foal nurse. Oh really! She then said that they were going to try to catch the mare and put her and her foal up by the barn. Good idea since they are out there with the stallion and another mare. 
I had to go to town and was gone most of the day on Friday. When I returned, the mare and foal were still there but had been penned up in a small corner of the pasture. Hmmmm. 
Um, what happened to putting mama and baby up by the barn.
Come to find out the mare is uncatchable. There is no shelter at all. Not even a tree!
Okay, so what I shake my head about is the fact that way over 100,000 horses are sent to slaughter every year! The horse market is in the toilet but yet people continue to breed. Come to find out the people who own the mare and foal breed all their mares every year. Last year they were lucky to sell one of the offspring. But were unable to sell the rest. And they bred all their mares again for a new crop of mixed bred foals for this year.
Why keep breeding horses just because you have a stallion and mare. These horses aren't even one breed! They are mixed breeds. Needless to say I was and am still aggravated over the whole irresponsibility of it all.

Now on to the heated discussion. Keep in mind I was still aggravated over the foal and mare.
On Saturday there is a yearly parade called the Pear Blossom. It's been an annual tradition for many years. Well, this year one of the entries was Gay Pride. They were turned down by the parade committee. But quite a few people really were pissed they weren't allowed to be in the parade so the morning before the parade it was announced they could be in it.
That's when all hell broke loose in the community!
There were comments from good Christian folks that they would not attend because they didn't want their children exposed to Gays! If they only knew how many people they meet who are Gay and don't even know it!
Well, someone close to me made a derogatory comment. After a few minutes of listening to this persons point of view I had had enough. Now don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their own personal beliefs. But this particular person had told me years before that they did not have a problem with Gays. Now all of a sudden there was a problem! And then this person brought up the whole religion thing. That is when I blew up. This person has not been religious the whole time I've known them. Now all of a sudden religion is brought up! Really!
A heated discussion enveloped and lasted quite awhile.
When I firmly believe with my heart and soul in something, nothing, but nothing will make me back down. And you can bet I didn't budge! Although I did walk away from the discussion leaving the other person some things to process in their minds!
Don't worry, this did not end our relationship. We've known each other for too many years!
This all happened on Friday and it wasn't until today that I could actually write about it here. A few other things happened on Friday that got me on a roll too but will save that for another time.
Maybe I should have titled this blog, " Yet another rant!". 
Until next time...................


  1. I love your rants, because mainly you are always in the right too and I wholehearted agree with you. Good for you....i am getting more outspoken lately too,i have listened to people's shit for too long and it takes me a while to get rallied up to blow up...but sometimes you just cant help yourself! Cant wait for the rest of it. You go girl!

  2. Yes, it is difficult to not get involved, particularly if you know them. But I agree with you one can only take so much. Good for you to sticking to your guns. This kind of thing happens everywhere......but all people have to do is speak up and get it fixed! Not everyone will be happy.......too bad.
    Hope the whole horse/foal debacle straightens itself out.

  3. Am also shaking my head over the horse account.

    About the other... a true Christian (Christ like) would not put anyone down for anything. Some days I just can't stand people, I should have been a rock!

    Happy Sunday, BTW!

  4. Sharon said it for me. Over-breeding animals only ends in tragedy for the animals. And bigotry is not my idea of religion. I've always liked this quote from The Merchant of Venice - "the devil can cite Scripture for his purpose".

  5. Iwill always support you sweetie
    xx rantaway

  6. Ranter's Award of Merit goes to......CINDY!

  7. I love what you had to say about the gays. I so totally agree-- how many gays are there out there that you don't even know are gay? You may get on very well with someone and not even know they're gay. The point is, you got on very well with them BEFORE you knew they were gay... they're still the same person. Now, I do respect the people who tastefully decline to agree with the lifestyle-- although I am not opposed to it at all. It just isn't "for" me, but if it is "for" you, more power to you for realizing the true you. ANd a true Christian wouldn't put down anyone just for being gay. Love is love... whatever form it takes. One of my former roommates from college was gay, and I loved living with him. He bleeds just like the rest of us do, whats wrong with that?

  8. Rant away! I agree with everything you said :)

    If they could only sell one foal last year - wtf? So they keep breeding for what reason? A rescue situation in the making - grrr. People just don't think things through.

    As for the so-called "Christians" who are anti-gay, I have a few questions: When did you decide to be straight (if indeed you are)? Did you wake up one morning and decide to be attracted to the opposite sex? Why do you suppose gays make a conscious decision about their sexuality if you didn't?

    I worked with a woman who was not shy about making her bigoted opinions known, and one day she said "I just don't know about gays having children. I worry about children raised in a home with THOSE PEOPLE having sex IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN." I took a deep breath and asked her "Do you have sex in front of your children?" Her eyes got huge and she sputtered "Um, well, no, of course not." So I asked her "Why do you think a gay couple would?" She said she had never thought about it like that. EXACTLY.

    Off soapbox now.

  9. Sounds like you had an eventful day! I agree with you on the horse issue. People need to be responsible with their animals. We are responsible for feeding them and their care, so we should also be responsible for watching over reproduction. I do think that horse slaughter facilities are important, but that is a whole other issue.

    To the second part of your day. It is not up to us to judge. The final judgement will be made by someone much bigger.

    Hopefully rest of the week is a little less eventful!

  10. I had a co-worker that was breeding pitbulls every year. In a town that outlawed the purchase of pitbulls. She said that with the law in place, she could get more for each puppy.


    I've seen more and more, people who are tired of the bigotry in churches, standing up for what is "Christianly correct"; accepting everyone. It's just a matter of time before the haters will realize they are a minority. After witnessing my own parents accept me and eventually my marraige to a man, my faith in humanity has improved. Thanks for standing up for what it right. Rant away.


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