Thursday, April 21, 2011

Garden, Chicks and a missing cat

Ugh, once again no pics. For some reason I cannot get blogger to upload any of my pictures. Going to have to investigate as to why. Hopefully next time there will be pictures to share.

Little Inger is doing wonderfully with her instant family of 12 Americana chicks and as of today her children increased to 6 Frizzle Bantam chicks. Making it a grand total of 18 chicks for her to raise! And she is loving every moment of it! Have to say that the Americana chicks have some serious ravenous appetites! There are now 2 pans of food as well as two smaller containers for their treats ( veggies, a bit of fruit, cooked oatmeal, etc).  I swear when they hear me coming those chicks start chirping up a storm! They know I am coming with treats!

Thanks to the rototiller there are now two garden spots getting ready to be planted. A few more times of rototilling and it will be ready. I am soooo excited!! Real honest to goodness tasty tomatoes. Variety lettuce. Lemon cucumbers. Peppers. Corn. And on and on.

Goat, one of our older outside cats has been missing for three days now. I have searched and searched for her, but sadly haven't found her. Sigh.

The other day as I was walking out towards the pasture I look up to see the people who own the mare and new foal coming out of another driveway leading the mare and letting the filly run all over the place. No big deal right? Um, they were leading the mare on the road. Which is a scenic highway and very, very busy!! The guy was was leading the mare and his wife is lolly gagging way behind not paying any attention. Next thing I know a car came speeding around the corner, the filly was all over the road and thankfully the driver saw what was going on and stopped. The wife finally starts waving her arms around to get the drivers attention. Um, driver already stopped. After a few more minutes the husband gets the mare and filly back into the pasture, the driver of the car said something not so nice to the wife and all I could do was shake my head.

Tomorrow I am having lunch with my best friend in the historic town of Jacksonville. 

And speaking of the historic town of Jacksonville, I just read that the town is expecting over 60,000 tourists this season!! And the season will be starting about next month. Being as there is only the scenic highway to get to the nearest city I foresee some exciting and possibly frustrating times going through Jacksonville. 

Until next time............


  1. Sorry to hear about Goat...maybe she will show up. 60,000 people huh...maybe I should add one from Texas. I sure miss seeing you little sister. Love you.

  2. Your story about the filly and the mare is awful! People are stupid. They are lucky their filly wasn't killed by that car.

    I'm sorry about Goat being missing. Maybe she's just enjoying the nice weather and exploring? I hope she returns ok.

    Have fun in Jacksonville! Happy Easter!

  3. Hope Goat returns soon.....maybe 'spring' has something to do with it.

    Jacksonville sounds great.....if possible a few photos would be good. Oh yes, problems with Blogger. That's OK.

  4. Sad about your cat - I hate it when animals go missing and you wonder....

    One time, at night, we came over the hill and what looked like a 4 o4 5 month old foal was walking along the shoulder of the road... a fairly busy road. It turned out it was a Clydesdale filly and she was only a month old. And here's the prize: the owner had brought mom and filly and 2 other horses to 'mow' a friend's pasture. He always had trouble loading the mare, so he used a cord to rope he off from the water trough and food, hoping that if she was thirsty and starving she'd get in the trailer. Mom got hungry and thirsty and decided to leave. She pushed through the gate. As soon as I captured filly, she came out of the night. We had to try to fix the gate (by the light of cell phones). The next day I stopped to see the guy as he was loading (trying to load) the horses. Did he say thanks for rescuing his horses? Nope!

  5. Wow, could have been a big problem. Dianntha

  6. there are horse owners and horse people. most are just horse owners and have no clue nor do not want to learn about the proper care of these wonderful animals. disgusting to me but that is very common. i sure hope and pray your beautiful goat kitty returns. it is spring and hungry predator mothers are sure out there. so sorry and i hope she is ok. have fun this weekend!

  7. What were that couple thinking....imagine if they caused the death of oh man! Must look up Jacksonville and learn something about your fare town...
    PS..thanks for thinking about Pops...he's hanging in there...doing much better!


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