Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Have you noticed........

Have you noticed
that when you are still half asleep in the morning you go to set your coffee cup down on the coffee table and there is a cat laying there giving you a look?

Or when you are in a hurry, call for the dog and the all of a sudden can't hear you? But if you have food in your hand you don't have to say anything?

Or every so often you find a potato chip that is as big as a baby's head?

Or you have to catch a horse that  99% of the time she'll walk right up to you, but then there is that 1% of the time when you get the look and the run away and catch me if you can?

Just had to share a few of my thoughts. All thanks to one of the dogs who I took outside to do her business and she all of a sudden lost her hearing!  She was too busy eating either cat poop or chicken poop!

Until next time....................


  1. Oh yes! Animals seem to be on their OWN schedule! Go figure!
    Good post.

  2. We do have selective deafness around here, too. Seems to be a pervasive problem!!

  3. And it is funny how well trained your animals make you. Doesn't take much and you are doing their bidding. Selective deafness is prelavant here too.

  4. All goes to show our pets have a mind of their own, definitely!

  5. You captured the look very well!


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