Thursday, April 7, 2011

Snowing in April

So much for getting ready to put the garden in. It started snowing last night and then again this morning. Not a lot of snow, but too cold and wet to till the soil.

As much as I adore snow, the thought of putting a garden in is more exciting right now. The main reason I am really wanting to plant is our food supply is getting more and more tainted/unsafe to eat. Seems every time the news comes on there is another recall of some type of food product. Especially where the meat is concerned.

I mean come on, how sanitary is a slaughterhouse! It's not like they kill one animal, then clean the area thoroughly, then go on to the next animal. That's not how it works.

I am actually leaning more and more to becoming a vegetarian. As it is I don't eat much meat anymore. After watching videos taken at slaughterhouses all I see are the faces of the animals.

Whoops, looks like I got off track there!

Back to the snow. More is expected tonight. I hope the weather forecasters are wrong on this one. I have to drive Gracie and her mom into town tomorrow morning for Gracie's vaccinations. Then it is to the grocery store. Me thinks I know someone who is going to be rather cranky tomorrow! And I'm not talking about me!! Although it might be! 

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  1. And I thought you lived in God's Country! We could have one last snow fall as we call it the 'farmer's fertilizer'.
    Not a bad idea going vegetarian....just make sure you get enough protein.
    Good luck at the doctor's tomorrow.

  2. Ha! Told you to come to Texas little sister! Hope you get your garden in soon I really am enjoying mine so far. I like a good steak and bbq too much to become a vegetarian lol.

  3. That's why I don't eat meat.

  4. I was gonna say...but you LOVE snow!! But that was before I knew you were thinking about garden-planting! How exciting. What all are you going to plant? I so enjoy hearing about people's garden plans! :-)

  5. Snow in April happened here too, at the tune of 3 1/2 inches of the wet, sloppy stuff. We still have snowbanks everywhere but it DID actually get up to 50 above zero today...yes!
    As for the garden area, still very wet and frozen, so at least a good month yet...but I would rather plant in the sunshine and thawed ground anyway.
    Have fun planting.

  6. Oh no! Snow?! I feel for you.

    We planted our garden last weekend and are checking every day to see when the first sprouts peek through!

    You'll be planting before you know it. :)

  7. Meat? what's that? joking...very little is consumed here by the humans...but I gets me share every day since I'm on the Raw Food Diet....slurp!

  8. I'm in total agreement with you. We got the snow last night and it was cold and windy here this morning when I walked the dogs. Better wait a while to plant, I read that cold weather even ruined plantings in the southern part of the desert here, outside San Diego.--Inger


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