Sunday, April 17, 2011

A steal of a deal and chicks

For some reason pics won't upload. So, once again no pictures. Sorry.

Gosh the past few days have been busy! Got more blackberry bushes cleared out. For those of you who don't have to deal with out of control blackberry bushes, well, consider yourself lucky! They are awful! The plant, not the berry. Anyway, while putting all the vines into a burn pile I looked up and saw a young doe standing there watching me. I don't know what it is but I love deer. Such peaceful, serene, quiet creatures. 

The garden hasn't been planted yet but now it is just a matter of waiting for the weather to clear up enough to rototill. And speaking of rototillers, there was a steal of a deal on one listed on Craigslist. I'm talking a steal of a deal! The guy who was selling it said the wheels wouldn't turn and that the engine never shut off. Well, for the price I couldn't pass it up so bought it ( hoping it would be a somewhat easy fix), brought it home and my brother came over and got it running like new in less than half an hour! Yay!!!! Doing a happy dance! I own my very own rototiller!!

The Americauana chicks finally came in yesterday. All 13 of them! After picking and catching my chicks at the feed store and ready to pay I noticed a sickly chick. Knowing no one would want that one, I traded one of my healthy chicks for the sickly one. The gal asked me why I did that. Well, why not. The little chick had been through enough and survival wasn't likely. The least I could do was not let it die alone and uncared for.  The chick made it home, but shortly after passed away. I named her Phoebe, said a prayer and buried her where the other hens that passed away are buried.

Little Inger, my absolute fav chicken has been sitting on dud eggs for awhile now. So, knowing she loves to be a mama, I picked her up, put her into the trough set up for the chicks to see what she would do. The look on those chicks faces really was hilarious. They have not seen a mama chicken before so they just didn't know what to do. After a few minutes Little Inger started clucking to them and before long all 12 chicks surrounded her. Little Inger is happy, the chicks are happy and I know this sounds a bit selfish, but it is a bit easier for me.

This afternoon I am watching Grace for a few hours while her mother goes to lunch with a friend. Thankfully she is such a joy to be around so am looking forward to some 'us' time.

Hope everyone is doing well. Yet again I must catch up with all of you. I sure have missed ya'!

Until next time.....................


  1. Your brother sounds like the guy next door! He made his own snowblower out of parts!!! We take things to him to 'fix' for us and his eyes light up.
    Phoebe was meant to meet you Cindy in her short life. Lovely.

  2. you have a beautiful soul. i would have done the same thing...poor little animals...i think your decision was perfection putting the chicks with your hen...nothing wrong with that! everyone is happy. kudos to you for getting that deal...your bro must be very talented at that kind of thing. happy spring!

  3. You're amazing to take that chick home, knowing that it wouldn't make it.

  4. I wish I could have watched you with the hen and baby chicks-how sweet. Trading the healthy chick for the sick one sounds just like something I would do. You made me smile.

  5. Hello there! You are a good person to take that sick chick knowing it is going to die, just to let it feel loved. That was the most beautiful thing I've heard in a while. Thank you for sharing this, may it help us all to be less self centered this week.

    I understand why you gave the chicks to the hen. After raising chicks both ways, I will never raise chicks by myself again. It is good for a broody hen, it gives her a purpose, and gives the chicks a mama that they didn't even know they wanted so badly. They will learn so much from a hen that a human can't teach them.

    Kisses to Grace!!! Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. Sounds like a great deal on the rototiller. Isn't it nice to have such a handy man in your life? Bless you for taking the sick chick. Not many people would have done that. I bet little Inger is so happy to have a brood of chicks around her, and what a good, motherly example she must be for them!

  7. Awww, that really touched my heart what you did for Phoebe. To die with not only a name but someone who cares about you. Bless you.


  8. I wonder if that doe was standing trying to figure out why you'd clear out all her delicious blackberry brambles?

    That's lovely that Inger is taking over Mama duties. I'll bet those chicks have a much better start with her to show them how it's all done. Natural is generally better, don't you think?

  9. Yep I bet that doe was wishing you would leave dinner alone! Good for Inger having babies and good for you to have her to care for your chicks! Love you sis.

  10. What an uplifting post! I love chicks. It's very hard not to take them all home! How neat that your hen adopted them!

  11. You're a very kind soul. We respect you immensely. Reading about poor little Phoebe brought tears to my eyes. May you be blessed in all things.

  12. shucks no photoS!!!!!

    ps justbought a goat!

  13. I know what you mean about deer... I sure miss them since we never see them here. I used to see them every evening in Maryland.

    You're not selfish at all... Little Inger is happy, the chicks are happy, and you're happy! It's a great thing when everyone's happy. :)

  14. Blackberry bushes were the 1st planst we noticed when we went through Oregon in 1979...heading west young men heading west...they were everywhere and Jim was in his glory 'cause he and BB are one...not so much for me but that's ok.
    I hear you are having problems up loading my blog...Inger at Desert Canyon did too and she figured out it was due to the storms. Have
    you had any? If not, then maybe it is me...except I have had loads of comments!


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