Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What happened!

Sorry no pics this time.

Yesterday I had to go get hay. No biggie. Paid for it and told the gal not to worry, that I could load it by myself. Went out to my truck, pulled the bales of hay out from under the shelter area, stood one on end against the tail gate for leverage ( each bale weighs about 140 pounds), and lifted. Uh, was unsuccessful at first attempt. Tried again. And again. And yet again. I finally stood back, looked at the hay ( as if it was going to say anything) still not loaded into the truck trying to figure out what the problem was. Another few more attempts and I still could not get the hay loaded. The gal who works there walked out and asked if I needed help. Um, with embarrassment I said yes. I didn't know what the problem was. I have always  been able to load those bales with no problem. Between the two of us the hay was loaded and I was on my way. On the drive back here I was perplexed as to why I couldn't load those bales by myself. Could it be that I really have gotten older and physically can't lift those bales? One day I can, the next I can't. I'm turning the big 50 very soon. Naw, that can't be it. I refuse to believe that that is why. Maybe it was just an off day.

Today there is predicted a pretty big snow storm coming in. Forecasters are saying now anywhere from 8-12 inches of snow here in the Applegate Valley. I have been waiting in anticipation all day for something to happen. And so far the only thing happening are some darkish clouds going over.

But just in case, this morning I went out and re secured the shelters for the horses and donkeys. Added another water trough just in case the electricity goes out ( we are on well and no electricity, no water). There are now 6 water troughs out there. I also fixed a bit of fencing that the horses pushed down trying to get to the grass on the other side.

After that it was double checking the chicken house to make sure all was secure there.

Then it was back into the house. Made my fave salad ( raw cabbage and shrimp) then decided to make a cake.

A little bit ago Joe, my farrier and friend of almost 10 years, called me to let me know he had just passed by and wanted to let me know that one of the donkeys wasn't walking right. I asked which one and he laughed and said one with long ears!  Out to the pasture to see who it was. Yup, sure enough, Arnold is walking slow again. Back into the house, grab the Banamine, back to the pasture and gave Arnold his meds. Arnold sure is having a rough time with his feet since moving here.  And there really is no grass in the pasture due to it being winter still. Hay hasn't changed. Hmmmm, Arnold buddy, you have me baffled.

Well, it is a little past 2:30 in the afternoon and still nothing going on outside. Oh well, I guess we will wait and see.

I have slowly but surely been catching up with what has been going on with all of you.

Until next time.......................


  1. There's no way I could lift one of your bales! Ours weigh 50-60 pounds, and that's bad enough! We stocked the hay shed last night, with me moving them off the truck and David doing the heavy stacking. Hope your weather isn't as bad as they say, but it sounds like you're ready. Fingers crossed for Arnold.

  2. hay bales have a mind of their own. could be the weather and the baramatic (spelling?) pressue is affecting your physical abilities. i am sure on a sunny day with no fronts coming in, things will change back to normal. poor baby arnold...glad you do banamine. so much kinder on their stomachs and as far as i am concerned a better product for lameness issues and soft tissue.

  3. I too have noticed that things are getting heavier! Must be gravity is changing. I hope your poor donkeys feet get better. Stay warm and dry hopefully the snow misses you.

  4. I'm sure you are plumb sick of snow and winter. Sorry Arnold is still coming up with that problem,I hope the snow leaves and you get some real pasture for him.

  5. If you used to be able to get a 140 lb bale of hay in your truck, you were much, much stronger than I ever thought of being! And, no, it's not age. I'm sure your truck was parked at the wrong angle, or the tail gate was a bit higher than usual, throwing off the leverage action, or the bale was lopsided and the heavy side was down, or the moon's gravitation pull was lined up the wrong way, or...or.....

  6. You know, I've lived in the same house my entire life. I can't remember when bounding up the stairs was no longer possible. I do know that there are nights when I look at those darn things and wonder when I'll be like my Mom, and have to fanny walk up them. This getting older stuff stinks.

    Hope that Arnold is better in the morning, and that the storm is a fizzle.

  7. I'm so glad you stopped by and caught up with us. :)

    Oh, Arnold... we worry about you Sweetheart. Big hugs and butt scritches headed your way from Morning Bray Farm. xoxo

  8. Your day sounds just like my daughters when we finally connect after her chores are done, at least for the morning. I know, I know, it's a constant whether you are big time farming or hobby farming. When we did the hobby thing, we soon realized, if you milk one cow, you might as well have a barn full, cause the only vacation you will see is off the end of the raspberry row, or on the hay wagon stacking bales with dream of tropical breezes. Hope your umph is back to normal after the weather changes. God bless anyone who tends the animals. It's hard work.

  9. hoping the best for arnold!! sure hope is is alright. hey, regarding the hay, we're all allowed to have an off day! chalk it up to that. thanks for catching us up.

  10. Certainly age has way of sneaking up on us. I'm still trying to figure out how my son got to be 21 since he was just born last week.

  11. I would opt for the bales actually being heavier this time than old age! I know the bales I get can range all over the place in weight, depending on how tightly/densely they are baled. As for Arnold, it sorta sounds like he is still stressed from the move and perhaps not coping well. Is there anything you can give him to help him feel calmer? Also I wonder if it has something to do with the ground? Is it rockier, wetter...something like that.

  12. I am younger than you, but still can't move bales as quickly as in my youth!

  13. like Tammy said, all bales are not created equal. from a 54yr old, getting older ain't for whimps.

  14. I noticed a big change in my early fifty' day I couldn't lift and do what I had always done.....way to much!!
    Age does creep up but depending on the shape you are in will determine what 'slows down' first.
    You have got to be in good shape Cindy with all that you have been doing. Go with the flow but don't let up!
    Sophie sends a yip and a yap to Arnold!

  15. ahh..the downside of getting older.....
    aches pains and constipation to look forward too x

  16. Yes...I'm sending a yip and a yap to Arnold. My old guys are groaning all the time...and...they are over 60...LMAO!


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