Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shhhhhh. Don't tell.

Shhhh. I should be finishing up gathering all the documents and receipts to get the taxes done, but am taking a bit of a break from the paperwork. Like most people tax time is no fun and stressful. Yuk!  

Yesterday morning Arnold didn't want breakfast and that is an immediate red flag that he is on the verge of colicking again. So, out to the pasture armed with halter, lead rope, mineral oil and Banamine. After a few minutes he was all taken care of. When I went out to check on him he was passing a good healthy poo.  Seeing that I knew he was okay. By dinner he was feeling much better. Like you, I pay close attention to the poo part of owning animals. It tells you a lot!

Have no idea what type of flowers these are, but with this super mild winter we have had, the plants and trees are thinking it is spring time.

My horse decided to somehow darn near shred his blanket which I found in the pasture. So, the next warm day we have I'll be out there sewing it back together.

This may sound gross but I'll tell you anyway. The outside cats have been very very good at catching rodents and birds. So much so that I now have a bucket designated for all the dead bodies. Everyday I take the bucket up to one of the hills behind the house to feed the fox up there. If the fox knows food is up there, he or she will stay away from my chickens. Well, that is my thinking anyway. So far so good.

Grace is doing wonderfully. 

Oh, oh, I just noticed that I have 100 followers now! 100!!! How sweet! I am honored! Thank you to all 100! 

Okay, I suppose I had better get back to tax time paperwork. It's not doing it by itself even though I did mention to that pile of papers it was more than welcome to finish itself up! It appears the papers listen as well as the dishes do!  

Until next time.................


  1. Get the poo in order and you'll have a happy camper!

  2. Hey! 100 and counting! Good for you.
    I think the flowers on the left are Daffodils/Narcissus(i) and the ones on the right look like tulips. Can't believe they are growing in February!!! Now, no gloating please!!!

  3. It certainly sounds like you deserved a break, and that means we get to visit! Glad to hear Grace is doing well. It's a good thing you do pay such close attention to poo--Arnold appreciates it I'm sure. It's nice to know I'm not the only one so interested in poo!

  4. People with equines do seem to be fixated on poo. Glad Arnold is OK.

    Uggg, tax paperwork. Mine's sitting in a pile, waiting for me to take some interest. So far, that interest hasn't materialized.

  5. I am just about 10/10 sure they tulips. They need the cold of winter to grow and start flowering soon after. Don't worry about taking them out "Lifting" just make sure when you plant anything near them that it a small flowered annual with a small root system. Easy to remove without lifting the bulbs. One of my favorite bulbs are Jonquils, with their very strong prefume and delicate flowers.

    Good to hear Grace is doing well. We'll need more pics soon Grandma Ps please let me have your address for your recipe mag.

  6. Taxes! Yet another bane to our existence! When will we ever learn to make envelopes for each month? Argh

  7. Happy 100!!! Yeah! I need to get the tax paperwork together, too. Yuk...
    Please post more pictures of Grace, please!!! :) Babies are precious!


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