Friday, February 18, 2011

If it isn't one thing.

You would think I would be used to things coming up unexpectedly. So why the heck is it when I see something that needs immediate attention I sigh then shake my head!

A couple of days ago it was downright pouring buckets of rain and the wind was fierce. You could hear the wind come howling through the valley. When it was coming off the hills right behind us it sounded like a freight train. 

I decided to take a walk out to the pasture and check on the horses and donkeys to make sure they were staying as dry as possible. To my surprise everyone was soaking wet and just standing there in the rain. I soon discovered why. The temporary shelters I had put up with the help of two of my daughters when we first moved in, had collapsed. On one the wind had ripped the tarp completely off and was barely hanging on to a panel. The panel on the other one had been shoved into the next one. And so on. 

So, in the pouring rain I repaired, re-tied, re-fastened, moved the panels that were out of place back into place, etc.....   Once the shelters were up, the horses and donkeys filed under them. I even opened up the 'hospital' area so they could get in there and dry off. 

That night it started snowing. Now I adore the snow. Just adore it. But for once in my life I didn't want it to. Not yet. Here it was the horses and donkeys had gotten soaked earlier and in the morning I had to drive Grace and my daughter into town for an appointment. The one daughter who had Grace does not have a car which requires having someone drive her where she needs to go. Where we live the roads can get quite nasty in bad weather. There are lots of twists and turns and deer jump out of nowhere right in front of cars. 

By morning the snow had let up and we left for town. As usual  what I had hoped for a quick trip turned into a four hour trip. 

Got home, grabbed some wood for the wood stove and before I knew it wasps were flying around inside the house! 11 in all! After catching 9 of the wasps, yes one at a time, and setting them free outside, well, to be honest, by the time it was 10 and 11's turn, okay, I admit it, I was tired and squashed them. Sorry little wasps, but couldn't have you in the house where Grace is and I was dog tired. 

Yesterday it was another trip to town to get taxes done. Came home to find Sugar Dog had vomited in various areas of the house. Only reason I know it was Sugar Dog is because I caught her throwing up. Out came the steam cleaner and cleaned the areas she left ugly, smelly presents. Have no idea why Sugar Dog threw up, but she is back to her old self today.

This morning it was another trip to town for another appointment for Grace. No worries, just a well check this morning. Another four hours and back home. 

In the meantime this week I listed what I could on eBay, shipped some items off, tried keeping up with the house, etc...

Oh, I did have a highlight on Tuesday. I had lunch with my oldest and youngest daughter. Which I enjoyed very much. My oldest daughter is wanting to see Grace which is a step forward. My youngest, well, I had to inform her that Grace is staying, and when she calls me, yes, she will hear Grace in the background. It was basically the 'buck up' talk! After the talk I  hugged her and told her she was still my baby and that was never going to change. One of these days she'll want to meet Grace.


And speaking of Grace, she is growing like a weed. A nice healthy weed!

This weekend it is back up on the hill for more firewood. Have to get more hay too. Is it okay to say I want off this ride for awhile! Ha Ha

Until next time....................


  1. This sounds like an awful lot of stuff. Are you getting any help?--Inger

  2. Wow, you have been busy! Thing I hated the most was the "short run to town".

    Grace looks good and healthy!

  3. Holy smokes! That's a lot to do. But, at least, when you're tired, you can go and look at Grace. She is just so lovely.

  4. Glad at least the oldest is warming up to baby Grace. She is an adorable little girl. You certainly are dedicated to your animals. I hope you get some help occasionally (even though I know you CAN do it yourself).

  5. Look at those long fingers on Grace! Maybe a pianist in the midst!
    Now THAT was a bust week and yes a BREAK would be nice for you! I dare you!

  6. I'm exhausted just reading your post. Please take good care of yourself too, okay?

  7. Oh, she is so beautiful!!! You are so blessed, Grandma! Even though you are busier than ever, you are blessed!

  8. Gracie is so cute, her aunts will fall in love with her as soon as they see her.
    Try to schedule some quiet time for you. You need to rest too!

  9. You de-serve a break today! And tomorrow! And the next day! And...

  10. Take a break and you'll feel 100 per cent better!

  11. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to meet Grace. She looks adorable and her aunts are missing out on some special baby love by staying away. I'm very glad that you took the time to explain to each of the animals about Grace. It looks like it worked just fine with them. It's too bad that the same discussion hasn't worked just yet with your daughters. As for you, I agree with the others: Make sure you get a bit of time to sit and put your feet up. Preferably with a little girl in your arms. Your health, your husband, Grace, and your animals are your priorities. All the best and stay warm!


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