Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Honey Dog checking out Gracie. Honey Dog is 8 years old and has never liked children, yet here she is accepting Gracie just fine. In fact, Honey Dog doesn't like it when any of the other animals gets too close to Gracie.

I'm sure most of you were wondering how long it was going to take for Gracie to meet the horses and donkeys. Well, it is time. Here is Cookie introducing herself.

Another surprise was Mr. Worm being very gentle with Gracie. Mr. Worm at one time was dumped off at our old house and he had turned feral. It took me about 6 months to finally be able to pet him. Ever since that first pet, we have  formed a bond. 

More pics tomorrow of Gracie meeting the other critters around here. 

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  1. Hi,

    I found your site doing a search for my daughters name. Well, the name that is on her birth certificate. Her name is Gracelyn Kay. We are going to be changing the middle name for her protection after her adoption is finalized.

    Just wanted to congratulate you on a very beautiful grand baby. I started reading this blog just a moment ago and as you were typing this post I believe because when I hit refresh this post popped up.

    Had to kind of tell you that it is possible to be pregnant and not know it, even up to the labor. So please tell your other daughters that just because they don't believe her doesn't mean it's not the truth. A woman not too long ago had 2 other kids or more and she recently went to the bathroom and gave birth not knowing she was even pregnant. She wasn't in denial or keeping it from anyone. You can still have periods or not have signs or symptoms of pregnancy.

    And if she was aware of it there is also another level of denial that some just can't handle the situation until it's here.

    That being said she's here. Also...the birth mother to our little baby girl was a severe smoker. She smoked all the time through the pregnancy. The baby was about 3 weeks early but she was healthy and is still very healthy. As long as she stays away from cigarette smoke outside of the womb she should be healthy. Neither one of my husband or myself are smokers. Not saying that I support smoking during pregnancy but her first pediatrician tried helping us feel better when we were concerned for her health because of her low birth rate. Her lungs were fully developed and she never needed oxygen.

    If your daughter did know about being pregnant and was in denial, might want to see if she can see a therapist or something. Just a thought.

    Anyway congratulations. She's a very beautiful baby.

    Our Gracelyn is almost 13 months old and almost walking on her own. She's our heart and our joy as I am sure your Gracelyn will be the same to you all.
    Take care.

  2. Heartwarming photographs-it won`t be long and Gracie will be wearing wellies and helping you with you chores !

  3. I love the way that animals have of being so gentle around children. They seem to instinctively understand that they need to be treated differently.

    Gracie certainly is a really beautiful baby.

  4. Cindy, those were precious! Amazing, but not surprising, how gentle animals are with babies. They 'know' that they are special little creatures.
    Good to see that everything is 'moving right along'.

  5. The baby is going to be quite a farm hand, already the animals seem to like her! She sure is a sweetie!

  6. congratulations!

  7. I hope she grows up and has the love of animals like your entire family. Glad all is well. She is too cute.

  8. would love to be there to experience this bonding!

  9. too cool! How's the new mom handling being a new mom!? Looks like she's got plenty of helpers available, lol.

  10. I think my previous comment got blown away. What I wanted to say was...
    Awwww, she's going to grow up being an animal lover and protector just like her Grandma!

  11. Such an adorable baby! It's nice to see the animals are being accepting and careful with her.

  12. How sweet! It is interesting to see how animals connect with infants.

  13. Everybody loves the baby! Cookie's head looks huge next to the sweet little baby.

  14. Wow she is one big healthy looking girl!! Congratulations again and on Johns post...Gad...he cracks me up! I always smile with his comments. You definitely have alot of friends who follow your blog and You so Deserve it!! You are Wonderful!!

  15. Yes, she will be just like her grandma. Being introduced so early in life to so many different critters will really imprint on her heart. At least that's what I believe.--Inger


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