Saturday, February 5, 2011

Answers and a question

Thank you for all your comments about the newest addition to the family.
A special thank you to Jim, Ron and Sophie. And another special thanks for the good hearty laugh from John ( Going Gently).

Mother and Grace have settled in nicely. Grace is a wonderful baby. 

When you walk into the house, you can see that a baby lives here with all her stuff! 

Surprisingly my dog, who doesn't like anyone, has taken a very protective roll over Grace. 

In answer to a few questions that were asked. Yes, I taught all three daughters about birth control, std's, drugs, etc.... It just so happens that the daughter who lives at home and is now a mom, didn't listen!  

Yes, I am married and have been for awhile. I did raise my three daughters by myself when they were younger. If you ask hubby, he will tell you that sometimes my independence  bothers him. He knows I am fully capable of doing everything a man can do except pee standing up! He does get frustrated with me when I take care of things that need to be done and don't wait for him. Why wait for anyone when I can do it myself! Just my nature I suppose.

Now I have a question for you!

Yesterday morning while I was taking care of the outside cats and the chickens I found this...............


bird, dead in the workshop area. I don't know what kind it is other than I believe it to be of the hawk family. I haven't had time to research it so if any of you know what kind, I'd appreciate it.

Well, have to go. Family is going over to visit Grace in a little bit.

Until next time....................


  1. I hope you have a good bird watcher to tell you what this is. I have a clue, but hate to say, in case I am wrong. Poor thing, we have found dead birds that get caught in our back porch, it's a sad thing.

    Glad everything is sorted out! Sorry that your daughter didn't want to tell you, but you have had so much on your plate, I can understand and sympathize. Have fun spoiling that little girl now!

  2. Looks like a hawk alright but what kind....?
    I always LOVED it when Mom had a baby.....every 2 years for a while there.......nothing like a baby to make you all silly and stuff! lol I love how a baby will grasp on to a finger and not let go! So much fun ahead for you all!

  3. Maybe a kestrel (sparrow hawk)?

  4. I found the answer! I looked up 'hawk, barred tail feathers, yellow legs' and came up with the Roadside Hawk. ( The only problem is that this hawk is a tropical species. Well, no wonder it died - it froze! LOL
    So, I continued to look at it seems to look like a Broad-winged hawk, or if it has red shoulders, a Red-shouldered Hawk. I'm leaning toward the Broad-winged because of the size of the bars on the tail. A list of hawks with pictures and descriptions can be found at:,%20Eagles%20and%20Hawks%20(Accipitridae)/default.aspx
    Enjoy Grace.

  5. Cindy, I had one of those in my chicken coop yard just a couple days ago. It had flown in there after a mourning dove, which we have in abundance. Luckily there were no chickens in there at the time. It is a small bird though, so I don't worry about it going after my large RIR's! That is a Road Side Hawk. I have many varieties of hawks here in the Houston area this time of year. I'm glad the one I captured in the chicken yard was ONLY a Road Side Hawk and not the larger Broad Winged or Red Shoulder type. They would be capable of carrying off a chicken.
    I am happy about your being a Gramma, but shocked at the way you came into it. I know you will be a great Gramma though. I LOVE it!

  6. OMG!!!! Congrats!!!!!! I have been gone for a week, working alot, and now I've returned to the online world and I find out your baby had a baby!!! CRAZY!!! I've heard about young girls not knowing they were pregnant. One of the mother's friend's daughters had a similar experience. But the toilet thing - wow!!! And an all natural birth!!! Congrats to you and your daughter, a new grandmom and mama! Good luck! Lots of new responsibilities now for your daughter! Hugs to her and you, and to baby Grace!!!!!!

  7. Haven't a clue re: the bird...but I just found a feather on Sophie..ahem..what does that mean!? ;-) My nephew's wife just had a baby yesterday and called it Alexandra Grace...hmmm..interesting middle name choice!

  8. How big is that bird? I think it's a roadie... not sure.

    Congratulations regarding Grace! I think thats a beautiful name. I am new to your site... and I think I'll stick around. That is, if you don't mind! My blog is at

  9. Check with one of the Zoologists at the Knoxville Zoo (snagged your photo... lol) and here's what he says:

    Hi Teresa

    Your bird looks like one of the hawks that birders call an accipiter. All the accipiters are quick agile birds known for being aggressive hunters and preying mostly on small birds and mammals. The two species that are most common are Sharp-shinned Hawk and Cooper’s hawk. Because of their similarity they are difficult to tell apart. From your picture the bird looks small, has limited white at the tip of the tail and the tail looks like it could have square corners which points to it being a Sharp-shinned Hawk. That is the best I can do with ID but I feel pretty confident with it.

    Take care, Mark Armstrong


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