Monday, July 11, 2011


Wow, a lot had been going on! We have been trying all week to get the irrigation pump to pump the water out of the canal onto the pasture. The pump is ancient but it works great. Two of the risers that are in the pasture are broken ( the risers let the water out to irrigate the pasture). Fixing those won't be to hard.  Problem is the foot pipe that leads into the pump itself keeps getting plugged with debris. We have tried digging the water hole deeper but that doesn't seem to help other than to bring more debris up. I don't know alot about irrigation pumps and pipes, but hey, I'm learning! 

Troy, the one black Frizzle bantam is finally growing feathers all over his body. As soon as I know how many Frizzle roosters there are they will need to go to new homes. As it is I have three roosters now, don't need anymore.

The Guinea keets grow bigger everyday. I am getting such a kick out of them. They stay together all the time and move like a school of fish. I am learning a lot about them.

With the warmer weather comes a true growing season! A month ago you could see the door leading into the barn, but now you can't even see it behind all the bushes and vines. Have to find the time to start cutting it all back. Between weeding the garden and cutting blackberry bushes back is a chore in itself!

Speaking of blackberry bushes, I learned how to freeze them so we can have blackberries in the winter. Wash the berries, dust them with powdered sugar, place them on waxed paper, freeze for an hour or so then put them into freezer bags. That way when you get some out they won't stick together and become a mushy mess.

The blackberries have all flowered and have little berries on them now. So long as I can get my fair share of them before the bears do then all will be grand!

This is the garden. There are lots of green tomatoes so I watch look everyday for that one ripe one which means the others won't be far behind. I am so looking forward to eating that first fresh tomato! Oh, and I am going to try to make some fried green tomatoes this year. Have never tried them before and this season I am!  Well, that is after I indulge on the ripe ones first!

And speaking of trying something new, eggplant is also going to be tried. Have never had it before so have no idea what it tastes like, but hey, I'll try just about anything once!

Okay, you all know me by now when it comes to animals. I have just learned that Nike has signed on Michael Vick again! Can you believe that! Nike drops the piece of shit when he was found guilty of dog fighting, torturing and murdering dogs, but now they have picked him back up. Does Nike really think we, the animal advocates have forgotten what he did? And what is the icing on this cake is Nike is based right here in Oregon! Yup, I have written and called Nike letting them know how I feel about their decision. There response is less than acceptable in my book! Basically what they say is that Vick paid his dues and it is in the past. And I still stand firm on that he would still be torturing and brutally murdering dogs if he hadn't been caught. I mean come on, he thinks his shit don't stink and that he could get away with anything because he is some hot shot football player. Grrrrrr.

Alrighty, there was my two cents worth on that. 

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  1. Looks like you're going to have a wonderful garden. You'll have to make sure to tell us how your fried green tomatoes are. I've never had any either.

    I agree with you about Michael Vick. No Nikes for me, it's New Balance all the way.

  2. JMHO - fried green tomatoes - yuk. Vine ripened - yummy! Never really had any good eggplant dishes, as yet. Everyone has different tastes...........

    Your garden looks really great!

  3. Love that barn! Would have loved to explore that one as a kid....heck, even now!
    Your tomato plants are huge! Should produce some doozers.
    Good for your stance with Nike. I remember I boycotted a Canadian magazine back in the 80's when they were using ads from South Africa....before the 'revolution'. The mag people were very defensive so I dropped them! Once a shit-disturber always a shit disturber.
    Thanks for dropping by today.

  4. Ooo I love eggplant. My kids love it sliced thin ( I peel the big ones), dipped in egg wash and then in italian flavored bread crumbs and fried in some oil in a frypan until crispy outside, soft inside. Ohh those are good. Sprinkle of salt. Oh my.

    The other thing is to peel, slice about 1/4 inch or more and coat with some olive oil & grill. Mmmm

    Last but not least, peel slice about 1/4 inch grill or bake at 350 or so until soft then use the layers instead of noodles in lasanga. Mmm How long before my flowering eggplant is a veggie ready to pick :)


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