Sunday, July 17, 2011

Helicopters, Keets, Yard Sales,Reminders

Earlier this week I heard a helicopter very, very close to the house. Upon investigating where it was I found it hovering right above one the hills on the property. It hovered for awhile, then slowly made it's way down the property onto the next property. After several phone calls I found out it was a Sheriff's helicopter and that they were looking for marijuana grow sites! I don't have a problem with that at all, however I do have a problem when they spook my horses and donkeys! A few days later there was another helicopter on the other side of the road on the hills over there doing the same thing. After asking around a bit I found out that this area is a hot spot for illegal growers! Personally I don't care if you smoke the stuff or not, but when comes to a safety issue, well that is another thing.

The Guinea keets are growing so fast and they are hanging out with the older hens and Stew Pot the rooster. I have to admit I am really thrilled with the keets and their sense of humour. The other day I watched one keet jump up onto the car trailer, settle down, then looked to the left and saw a pine cone right next to him/her and that pine cone scared the bejeebers out of him/her! I laughed so hard.

Yesterday we stopped off at a few yard sales. This is one of my finds. An old dial up phone. One of my daughters asked me if that was a real phone and I had to laugh. Yup, sure is real. Had one of these when I was a kid. She laughed commenting that it would take forever to dial out. Oh, and I actually remembered my Grandmothers phone number when she had a dial up. Goes to show you how old I am!

This is another yard sale find. An Outback hat which is going to come in very handy this winter. Best part was I hardly paid anything for it and it is already broke in!

I would like to say a big thank you to Tina over at for the surprise in yesterday's mail. Tina donates her time to the Donkey Sanctuary in Canada. And did you know that for only $50.00 a year you can become a Guardian of the Sanctuary. They do wonderful work for all longears! 

The garden is coming along beautifully. Everyday you can find me checking those tomato plants for the first ripe tomato. Not yet, but there are a few who are getting close. Come on tomatoes!!

Speaking of gardens, are there things you look at that remind you of people you know whether personally or through a blog? When I look at my garden I think of Flartus over at
When I see my Guinea keets I think of Lynn over at Chickens I think of John and Danni
When I see something beautiful I think of Jim at as well as Ron and Sophie at
When I see a cow I think of Jim at
When I think about family it goes naturally to my Sister at
Well, you get the idea. There is something everyday that reminds me of all of you.

Oh, of course my blog wouldn't be finished without of course and animal awareness bit. How's this one for you. Did you know that horse thieves are now using moving vans such as UHaul trucks to move stolen horses! I bet you won't look at another moving truck/van the same anymore wondering if there is a stolen horse or another animal inside of it!

Okay, time to get some chores done. Always know that I think of each of you daily!

Until next time.....................


  1. Love the hat, and the new header picture. I didn't know that about the UHaul trucks. That's downright scary.

  2. Hi--the phone is fantastic!! just found your blog-love what little i've had a chance to read-will be back for more! and i'm renaming one of my renegade roosters-Stewpot!!!!!!!!love it!!~~Rain

  3. Aw, you're so sweet, and I know just what you mean. Wish I could actually spend time with some of my blog buddies in person.

    So I'm reading this while eating dinner with some of our tomatoes and last year's chili powder, thinking I need to finish my Big Trip posts, so I can catch up with the garden posts! :-)

  4. Laughing at your telephone find! When our oldest was 4 he had a friend over. The friend wanted to call his mom. He stood, staring at our rotary dial phone. He knew his phone number, but had not clue how to 'dial' it!
    Your blue phone is much prettier than our harvest gold phone ever was!
    The helicopter thing is a bit creepy!

  5. Love the hat and telephone, ours used to be a pale green color.
    It's all a bit scarey knowing there are pot growing operations around the area, I hope they find them soon, destroy, and then leave you alone, those helicopters can be awful noisy.
    You are correct, next time I see a UHaul I'll be looking more closely :0

  6. You know, there's been a lot of low flying hjelicopters in my area too. I thought it was because of radiation testing, not marijuana! I'll need to find out whats going on here!

  7. Aw! You are so nice to us!
    There is always something going on at your place.Sounds like lots of 'weed' growing in your area! You sure can pick em! lol
    Love that hat! And it still has a lot of years left in it too.
    You know, whenever I see a donkey or horse, all the good work you do for them comes to mind.
    have a great week.


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