Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad with the good

There is a saying that things run in threes. Well I am doubting the whole three thing. Not only did the one work car take a shit, but now the second work car has decided to also break down.  Only had the two cars, but hey, I've got a truck that is still running pretty good. See, there is a positive with the negative.

Sunday evening I made the decision to put Gabby Goat to sleep. What I thought was an infection in her udder turned out to be cancer. I rescued her 6 years ago and her years with me were good ones.  See ya on the other side Gabby. 

This morning one of my dogs killed one of the Guinea chicks. I didn't see her do it, but the body was under the dog on the dog bed I keep in the breezeway and she didn't want to get off the bed. There were two small bruise marks on either side of the Guineas backbone. No feathers missing. And there was a guilty look on the dogs face.

Now I have to figure out what to do. I let the chickens and Guineas free range during the day. There is no fence to keep birds and dogs separated. Hmmmm. Until I figure out what to do Sugar Dog is going to have to wear a harness and be walked rather than turned loose to get exercise and to do her business. I'm thinking of the positive side to this situation. Hmmmm. Haven't found it yet though. Oh wait, I know the positive side of it. I get more exercise walking the dog now!!!

The Black Frizzle bantam has actually started to grow more and more feathers!! Thank goodness! Now he doesn't look like he is almost all the way plucked! I am waiting to find out how many roosters there are out of the Frizzle bunch. As soon as I know for sure, well, they are going to have to go to new homes. Can't have that many roosters.

I thought I had my last two remaining Nelson heated automatic waterers for horses sold , but alas, no.  If any of you know of someone who would like to purchase them  at a very reasonable cost, email me

All day yesterday I dealt with the auto insurance company. They said I was cancelled from lack of payment. Um, they take it out of the bank account each month with no problems and this month was no exception. Turned out it was a computer glitch on their end! So, I still had and have insurance!

Today is the last day to burn in a barrel or a pile so have been gathering what I can burn and doing it. Tomorrow fire season begins.

One of the screens fell out of one of the living room windows sometime in the night. The windows are left open at night to allow the cool air to come into the house. Thankfully the two cats who are not allowed outside did not jump out the window.

Oh, one more thing. Found out that there are some companies who endorse, back or are associated with the dog killer Michael Vick. Don't know if you know who he is, but he played for the Philadelphia Eagles as their Quarterback. He was caught and convicted of fighting Pit Bulls and also killing them in horrendous ways when he was done with them. Yes, he did his time, but as far as I am concerned he would still be fighting and killing dogs if he hadn't been caught. Anyway, here are a few of the companies that are associated with this piece of shit. And of course you know me, I contacted each company to let them know my humble opinion of their  choice of who they are connected with.
Hot wire
Overture Films

Well, I have talked your ears off long enough. Wishing all of you a most glorious weekend and a Happy 4th of July for those who celebrate it.

Until next time........................


  1. Here's hoping that your life takes an upward turn very, very soon. Though, I have to say that you're dealing with it well. I think I would have been throwing things.

    Thanks for the list of companies that Vick is associated with. Unfortunately, I don't do business with any of them anyhow, so I can't boycott them. But, believe me, I would. He's beyond despicable.

  2. You are definitely being tested. Hang in there, things have got to get better...sooner or later. How's THAT for a pep talk???

    About your fire season, my husband and I are interested in knowing more about it. What time-frame does it involve? How do you dispose of trash in the country in the meantime?

    We have "burn bans" here in Texas every now and then, but basically it is decided by drought conditions. So, if a drought is looking imminent, everyone starts burning what they can in preparation. Almost all counties in Texas are involved in some sort of burn ban right now. We are severely lacking rainfall.

    I sure hope things start looking up. Maybe the walks with the dog will give you a chance to get up close and personal with the birds and not be so rough as to kill one. I don't know what I'd do...I've heard that once they kill one of the flock that it is nearly impossible from stopping it from re-occuring. You will have to let me know how it works out, so I can learn from you!!

    Take care!

  3. Sorry about Gabby Goat and the Guinea chick. Some dogs go for the birds, in their blood, I guess.

    Cars conking out is a regular event here at our house. So far so good, this month.

    Can't boycott Buick - both our cars are old Buicks. Don't like the fact that Vick is out and about and I just don't like the man.

    You have a nice 4th too!

  4. Well... I guess I'll be dumping Subway and Lysol. Thanks for the heads up on that one! I sure hope things begin squaring up in your favor really soon. I've gone through periods of time like that and it's enough to make one put holes in walls. But before you go that far... they just don't make a spackle that hides 'em, sooooo.... LOL Hang in there. It can only get better.

  5. oh poor you!
    my advice

    pour a large gin and tonic

    drink it

    pour another


  6. Life is one big lesson after lesson for all of us. It's how we deal with the whole process that makes the difference. You are doing well.
    Happy 4th to you and yours!!

  7. I'm glad that you could give Gabby so many good years and decided to end her life humanely. That's always a hard decision, but it is so much better for the animal.
    You have had some tough things happen.... and you are right - a lot more than 3! Love your attitude about it all, though. I'm afraid I'd be gnashing my teeth and making everyone else miserable, too.
    Tucker has snatched two pigeons out of the air. He is firmly convinced he is a bird dog. I worry about getting chickens - walking a dog all of the time is a pain - but that's what we do most of the time. That, or Tucker is relegated to his pen. At the new house he'll have at least a half acre of fenced territory.
    Hope your week gets better!

  8. I'm sorry about Gabby, and the keet, and the 2 cars. Good luck walking the dog, hopefully he gets used to the guineas as they get bigger. Hey, at least the inside cats didn't get out. If I lost a screen, id have a family of coons and a stray cat in my house overnight! Lol. It'd be chaos!
    Have a nice holiday!

  9. I am really sorry about Gabby Goat :( Walking the dog can be fun-- if the dog walks. My two dogs like to stop and sniff every inch of the way.


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