Saturday, June 25, 2011

A conversation

The other day my youngest daughter and I had a conversation. During the conversation she asked me how I could look at videos and graphic pictures of abused/neglected animals. She just couldn't understand  why I would look/watch when I have been rescuing animals for years and have seen my fair share of it.  

I explained that the reason I do it is so I can continue to be involved whether it be just signing a petition, contacting representatives, getting the word out. Right now financially I cannot bring in anymore animals. Knowing what is really going on is the key to knowledge and getting the word out so others know what is going on.

She told me that it upsets her to see what I sometimes post on my Facebook wall. She says she knows what is going on, but doesn't want to see it.

I told her I was sorry she doesn't like when I  post about abuse/neglect cases, but the more people who know the better it is for the animals.  The more animal abuser names that get out there and become public the better. There is no reason why abusers names should be kept quiet. They are the ones who did the crime.

I also explained to her that a lot of people don't want to 'see' what is going on. That they know, but don't want to actually see it. To understand sometimes you just have to 'see' it for yourself. Seeing has much more of an impact than just knowing. 

I also explained that the people who stand by thinking someone else will do something or the ones who don't want to get involved are just as guilty as the abuser. One has to stand up for what they believe in. 

A lot of you are already involved with rescuing animals whether it be running a rescue, helping out at one, donating, stepping up when you see an injustice, etc....

Here are a few of the websites I visit often to keep up to date. Please be warned that yes some of the pictures are very graphic. The stories are heartbreaking. The tears will run. Anger levels will rise. Yet some of these websites will make you smile seeing for yourself how one or more people are making a differance.

Being involved and doing something helps.


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  1. Hi Cindy, good to 'hear' from you today on my posts.
    This is a good post and a needed one to get 'out there'. There are two kennels here in Nova Scotia that are being closely watched because of reports that they are abusing the animals.
    It is hard to 'see' these photos of abused and neglected animals. I find it very difficult to look at them. I do realize that they are needed in order to get the point across to people that aren't aware. You are doing a great job in helping to prevent this mistreatment of animals.

  2. I guess I can see both sides of the coin there. I do what I can, but it just makes my heart ache when I see stuff that I cannot do anything about.

  3. "Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight." ~ Albert Schweitzer

  4. turning away from a problem is a human frailty but oh is it an irritating one we all do from time to time
    we all need to be stronger and do the right thing!

  5. Very well stated, my friend. I just got caught up on your blog and you are like me lately: very sparse blog entries! Glad to find you have got a routine that works for you and Grace:) She is a cutie! I think the animals must be very curious of her. Good Luck with your vehicle issues! Much Love, Rach & the critters

  6. Being involved and doing something definitely helps. Thank you for what you do to help.


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