Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thunderstorm, HOT Temps and a Scare

Starting to sort of rain. Mike, the gray donkey in the middle, isn't too fond of the wet stuff coming down from the sky.
If you look close you can see actual rain drops on the Gator. Cooling, relief rain. Okay, didn't last but a few minutes, but those raindrops sure were appreciated.

Thunderstorm rolling in.
Today's' high temperature was another record breaker. Official high was 109! Beat the old record of 108 in 2003. Tomorrow another triple digit day. Ugh.
As you can see in the pictures we did get a thunderstorm that rolled in. Haven't seen any lightning, but there is rumbling of thunder. And the best part was, real honest to goodness raindrops started coming down. It was wonderful. More thunderstorms in the forecast.
Had a bit of a scare this afternoon. A firetruck went flying down our road, pass our house and turned up the road next to us with sirens a blazing. Then all of a sudden the sirens stopped which meant they stopped close by. I walked outside in time to see all of the donkeys heading to one side of the pasture. All of their ears were forward and they were watching intently. I looked in the direction they were looking to see black smoke coming from a very short distance behind our property. Not a good thing with this dreadful heatwave. I called the local fire department non emergency number to find out what was going on. Turned out a car had caught on fire and thankfully the fire department had it out before the dry fields could catch on fire.
After all was okay I started thinking about how fast we could evacuate all the animals here if it ever came down to it. We do have an evacuation plan at the ready, but seeing smoke that close really unnerved me as far as how much time would there really be if a big fire was ever that close. Hmmmm, guess I better figure the whole time issue thing.
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  1. Oh my scary. And after this incredible heatwave, this has the potential for great devastation. Glad all is well.
    You got rain, huh? Nuttin' of the kind here...just hot and humid. ugh.
    I love that top picture of all the donks. Makes my heart jump a little bit to see those gorgeous faces. :-)


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