Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Scorcher of a Day

Two of our barn kitties stretching out where there was kind of a 'cool' breeze.
Stew Pot and Spazzie Hen doing their best to cool
off in a part of the barn. I told them it was much cooler
outside, but they wanted to stay where they were.

One of the Mottled Houdans letting me know
it's hot.

The Polish Laced hen and rooster doing their
chicken best to stay cool.

The chickies enjoying their goodie plate.

Are you wondering if today was another hot day? I answer with a big resounding YES! Today's official temperature according to the weather guy was 108. And it broke the previous record of 106. Earlier today the thermometer on the side of the house read 113. Ugh!

I didn't try cooking eggs today. The few I had left were needed for dinner tonight. Sorry.

However I did take some pictures of my little chickies this evening around 7:30. Every evening after dinner and just before the "herd" gets fed, I take out a pie pan of goodies for the chickies.

Tomorrow possibly another record breaking day. Guess we will find out!
On a side note, I do believe the heat has affected my youngest daughter Holly's thinking. Out of the blue she looks at me and asks me if I think she looks like an Ogre. She is a beautiful young lady and far from an Ogre. So Holly if you are reading this, no, you do not look like an Ogre!

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