Monday, July 27, 2009

Over the top HOT temps.

Eggs drying out.
Eggs kind of cooking.

Can you see what the thermometer reads?

Oh my gosh today has been hot. The local news said the high temp was 104! According to the thermometer here that is outside in the shade it topped at 110! Yes, you read that right. I have a picture to prove it. Just for fun I cracked open several eggs and put them outside to see what would happen. No, they didn't actually cook, but they sure did shrivel and start to dry up. Since it is going to be hotter tomorrow, you guessed it, more eggs!

And with this awful heat my mind was concentrated on the animals. Not just the ones here, but everywhere. Earlier this afternoon my youngest daughter Holly and I went to the local library. As we were driving I noticed quite a few dogs in the back of pickups. Ridiculous and amazing were my first thoughts. It makes me wonder if the owners of those dogs actually realize how hot it really is in the bed of their trucks. The owners are in their air conditioned vehicles staying nice and cool when the dog is literally roasting in the back with no escape from the hot metal on their feet to the blazing sun on their backs.

On the way back home we passed a pasture with two horses in it wearing their halters. It doesn't take a genius to know that metal gets hot. So, out of curiousity when I got home I put one of our halters out in the sun for a little while just to see how hot the metal buckles got. Let's just say I dropped the halter quick due to the metal being that hot. I can only imagine how those horses felt with those halters and hot buckles on their faces felt with no way of getting them off.

My intention is not to be on a soap box with this blog. It is just observations from today.

Hopefully the pictures I took of the thermometer and eggs will show up here.

Stay cool. I am on my way outside to do a snow dance!!!!!!!

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  1. Hot, hot, hot!!! I've heard of frying eggs on a hot sidewalk but never on a hot garbage can lid. lol
    You are so right, the irresponsibility of some people with their pets is heartbreaking. I can't tell you how many, many times I have seen dogs inside cars on hot days with the windows rolled down just a crack. It is absolutely criminal.


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