Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Quick Trip to San Francisco!!!!

Made a quick trip to my absolute favorite city.........

San Francisco!!!!! The city by the Bay.  My Aunt had a mild stroke a few months ago and I have been wanting to go visit her. It's been nine years since I've been down there. It was time. And thankfully the stars lines up perfectly to make the trip. It is a 6 hour drive from here to there.

Here is a trolley car. Look at all those wires above! Wow! That's what makes the trolley go round.

I love old buildings. There is so much history. And the craftsmanship is superb.

And with old buildings there are new ones.

The freeway ramps are ridiculous. They remind me of octopuses with ramps going here and there.

On the way back home to Oregon there was this beautiful metal dragon sculpture out in a field. The mountain in the background is Mt. Shasta.

These are the California Crags. Amazing.

Cinder Mountain. Well, that is what most people call it but it is officially named something else, just don't know what it is.

Mt. Shasta. Legend has it that Aliens live inside the mountain!

I have also been busy trying to prevent the slaughter of horses for meat. Petitions, emails and phone calls being made to stop the slaughter of horses. Not only for our domesticated horses but for OUR wild Mustangs as well. I just don't understand this war on horses.

And of course there is the everyday day life here on the farm which keeps me busy.

The deer have decided to sample everything in our gardens. Thankfully they have decided that the tomato plants aren't that tasty.

There is also a raccoon who comes up to the house every evening and cleans up the remaining cat food.

Today is the 4th of July, the birth of these United States of America. Happy Birthday to these great States!

And yes, I think of you daily and hope everyone is doing wonderful.

Until next time.....................


  1. Ohhh I love San Fran!!! I am going there in a few mos. We visit every yr. My favorite city, too! Thanks for sharing and making me smile! Happy 4th!

  2. My son lives in SF and I was thrilled to visit him last summer. I'm hoping to get there again, soon. What a fun city - with tons of stuff going on all of the time!
    Your pictures look beautiful. We're going to visit Oregon with our camper in August. We may do some visiting in northern CA, but won't head to SF this time.
    Glad to hear life is busy and good for you!

  3. Well, well...........look who I found! Cindy this is Kelly in Sequim, WA! My blog was listed in a list of inspirational blogs and I noticed AJ-Oaks and I thought, "Oh my, that sounds familiar!"
    Sure enough, it is you and I get to see your beautiful farm and a photo of Grace! Amazing..................I will keep looking to see if there are photos of you and Holly. I have I am completely devoted to work on behalf of African and Asian Elephants. Take a look sometime.

    Love to all,
    Kelly at the donkey ranch

  4. Hey Cindy! Nice that you had a trip to SF! It brought back great memories when we visited there in the 90's....what a city!
    Why do people do most of the things they make some money! Keep up the battle for the horses! Good work.
    We HAVE to get back out west! Your photos of the mountains are lovely! Takes my breath away.
    Good to 'see' you.

  5. To be one that stands up for someone or something that can not speak for itself is the highest of all beings. There will truly be a wonderful place in Heaven for you (with a big field of horses).

    I love the dragon! I want one for my yard.

    San Francisco. A city like no other. It's good that you got down there to see your aunt. It's so important to visit with the people that helped make us who we've become.


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