Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A project, BSL and Grace

Oh my, I actually have a few minutes to post!

I have been wanting to get to a project for awhile and yesterday I actually found some time to do it. Periodically I see an old rotted out wood stump and when I do I bring it down from the hills behind the house. My idea was to finish hollowing them out, secure the bottom and plant flowers in them. And I did it!!!

I have also still been busy trying to stop the BLM roundups of our Mustangs. And now I am involved in getting BSL stopped.  BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation. Pit Bulls are the main target of this ban. Dogs are being taken from their homes and killed because they are the wrong breed! I don't know if any of you heard, read or followed what was going on in Belfast North Ireland concerning a dog ( who by the way was not a bully breed) named Lennox. Rather than go into detail, do a search on Lennox and read for yourself.  The BSL ban infuriates me as well as thousands and thousands of other people. No one has the right to target any breed and try to eradicate them. Sometimes I wonder if there is hope for the human race when it comes to certain people who think and believe they are Gods!

Grace's sperm donor ( biological father) is starting to cause trouble now.  I mentioned this to Grace's mother not long after she was born that I had a feeling the sperm donor would cause problems somewhere down the line. He won't pay child support but wants to see Grace. However, he is doing drugs and is an alcoholic. I have a feeling this all may be going to court.

Well, my few minutes is up. Grace just woke up!

Hugs to you all!

Until next time....................


  1. Love those tree stumps, very creative and pretty. I know about Lennox and it breaks my heart. I am so happy there are people like you, who will take action.

  2. Those are the greatest flower pots I've ever seen.
    Keep up the good work all around. This world needs more people like you.

  3. What a great idea for the plants,so imaginative.As far as the dog breeds go,well,when a person gets hurt they THINK that they have to drag everyone else into the law and most of the laws that are out there don't even pertain to our life.We don't have choices any more nor freedom of our own life,it's so sad it has gotten to this point.Everyone tells me well try go and live in another country and see how their laws are,well,we are getting no different from any other country now.

  4. Stand your ground with that baby. Do what you can to get him caught red-handed doing the drugs, before he is granted ANY kinds of un-supervised visitation. There is a reason why he's doing this at this time. And it is NOTHING GOOD. It could pertain to the actual physical welfare of that child. And there is NO WAY I would EVER allow that child out of my sight with him anywhere around!!!! Any confrontation with him - anywhere... if you suspect he's on drugs and he becomes nasty or out of line... DO NOT hesitate to grab that phone and dial 911. Take photos... tag numbers on vehicles... do EVERYTHING you can. And by all means... YOU stay 5 MILES AHEAD of your daughter's thinking. Hormones will play into this. Every mother wants their child to have both their parents. It's natural instinct. A Druggie LOVES to play on that! He will destroy her. You have to take command and be the strong one for her - protecting the best interest of HER AND that baby. Keeping y'all in my prayers, Hon.

  5. Good to see you!

    I LOVE those flower stumps! Now there is a $$$$ maker if I ever saw one!! I don't think I know anyone (male or female) you can do the things you can do!! Seriously! Where did you learn or get this from? Or are you just plain ole smart!! lol

    Oh oh! sperm donor has a LOT of growing up to do....not to mention getting a reality check ASAP! Good luck and a big hug for Grace from us three!!

    If any law could be made it could be to protect all critters from the inhumane acts being done by humans!! Not laws to ban a breed of animal. Some people (law makers) just don't use their brains!!

    So good to hear from you and have a great week C.


  6. Want old wood stumps! Your planters are wonderful! So very cool!


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