Friday, June 8, 2012


Thought you might like to see just some of the roses here. As far as I can determine these rose bushes have been here since the 1960's. Will show the other roses on the property in a day or two. The roses up at the barn I believe are older.
Oh, and speaking of barn, the upstairs of the barn used to be for hay, but in the 1970's a studio apartment was built for the caretaker who has since passed away.

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  1. We discovered that we had roses on our property. They aren't nearly as pretty as your's though!

  2. and I can almost smell them from here! Gorgeous!! and I want to hear more on the story about the caretaker who resided in the loft of the barn?!

  3. I can see why Oregon roses are so famous. Yours are just beautiful. I'm afraid rabbits ate ours last fall. The barn looks great too and it must feel wonderful to get so much work done.

  4. Gorgeous roses wish we could grow many roses here but can only manage a few old varieties and rugosa roses....lovely looking rose...Do they have a scent!?

  5. Now cut this out, Cindy!! These are beautiful. The yellow one looks like a 'David Austin' variety.
    I have the worst time 'keeping roses' in the garden...they don't survive and I am not one to coddle plants for years. Unless they are of the wild variety, they never survive.


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