Thursday, June 7, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

What can I say. Been busy as usual.
After much hard work and some aggravation we are finally able to irrigate the pasture.

It is so nice to see the sprinklers going. Every third day we have to move the irrigation pipes to another riser to water another portion of the pasture.

On top of getting the irrigation up and running the barn cleanup started. Thanks to my oldest daughter she has busted butt getting rid of the blackberry bushes and other foliage that covered the front of the barn. This pic is when we first started.

This pic shows progress.

Finally, the blackberries are gone as well as the other overgrown foliage. We were totally surprised to find another window, a working water faucet and five very old rose bushes underneath all the overgrown vegetation. We also found an ancient grape vine with stocks as thick as a small tree.

After the cleanup the barn is going to get a fresh coat of paint. I swear the barn is smiling and feels better now that the cleanup has started. Poor old thing has been neglected for many years.

Some of you might find this interesting. Months ago I heard old fashioned music coming from inside the barn. When my oldest daughter was up there a few weeks ago she also heard the music. So you are probably thinking what is the big deal. Well, there is no electricity in the barn and the nearest neighbor is a quarter of a mile away!

I finally expanded the chicken coop. Now I have happy happy chickens.

The garden areas are doing great, although I had to open my big mouth and make a statement how the deer have left the gardens alone. Last night I saw deer tracks going into the lower garden and as I followed them I noticed that they have eaten some of the tomato plants. Really! I didn't want to have to build an enclosed area around the garden, however it appears one has to go up. Sorry deer, as much as I love you all, I adore my veggies and don't want to share with you!

Until next time.............................


  1. I absolutely LOVE your barn... is that a hay lofy above it or a little apartment?

  2. Your barn is beautiful. I love old buildings. It's gonna look great with a new coat of paint.
    I'm not a huge believer in the supernatural, but I've had some experiences like what you describe. Someone was have a hoedown!

  3. Yes! That barn is smiling!! I bet those roses are 'heritage' rose bushes! Do you think? And the grape! Can you just imagine the energy locked up in that! Have you cut it back?
    Now for that music in the have 'tuned in' once again I see.

  4. Wow that was a lot of work, it's nice though to see progress, isn't it?

  5. Someone else recently posted about her barn. You might find this interesting about what they did to the roof.


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