Sunday, March 25, 2012

Twice in one month!

Can it be true? Two posts in one month! Wow! ha ha
As usual always busy here.
It's been snowing off and on for awhile. And if it isn't snowing, well, it's raining! Oh, there have been some days of neither rain or snow, but not too many.

See this chainsaw? Well guess who has been using it to help cut that big ole of logs? Yup, me! Since this is the small chainsaw it is perfect for me. I cut the smaller ends of the log pile. Have to say, I enjoy it a lot! By the time we are done cutting the logs, between lifting a 120 pound bale of hay everyday and using the chainsaw, I am going to have some muscles!  

This is what we have cut so far from the log pile.

This is just one pile of cut up logs.

My Auntie Bar sent up a pair of red striped overalls! Now I really look like a farmer, or wood cutter or..... 
I was finally able to save up enough to buy two blankets for the girls. I love clearance sales! Here is AJ in her new jammies.

Pewter isn't too thrilled about her blanket. Don't think she likes looking like a safety horse with her bright neon orange blanket. Oh, want to hear something funny? Since her blanket is very visible, the neighbors have given directions to their places to friends by using Pewters blanket. They tell their friends that when they see the horse with the safety orange blanket on to turn down the next driveway on the right.

Well, Little Inger is now an official house chicken. She has been having trouble getting egg bound. She was getting warm baths and getting blowed dried, spending a few days in my room in a crate until I knew she was okay to go back out to the coop. She would be fine for awhile, then it would happen again. I always make sure there is grit and oyster shell available as well as daily fresh water and food. Yesterday when I went into the coop to collect eggs I couldn't find her. Then I found her wedged almost upside down between a wall and a nest box. When I got her unwedged and put her on the floor she couldn't walk. After a few minutes she started walking like she was drunk. I figured her legs fell asleep so gave her a bit more time to get the blood circulation going. As I sat there watching her she kept very close to me. Well, enough is enough so she is now a house chicken. I will take her outside to get exercise and scratch around then back in the house she will come.  Oh, to bathe and blow dry Little Inger it takes me an hour. A lot longer than giving the dogs a bath and drying them off! Can you tell I love this little chicken!  

Grace's mom finally bought a car. Yay! Now I don't have to drive her to and from work anymore which frees about about an hour for me everyday.

Not sure if you are aware of this, but there are horse haters who are pushing to open slaughterhouses to slaughter horses! There is one planned for Oregon as well as other states. Yup, you can bet we ( the ones who are against it) are having our voices heard. There are so many lies, answer dodging, excuses from the folks who want to slaughter horses that their argument for slaughtering horses is getting weaker.

Oh, oh on a happier note. My oldest daughter bought me a Fire Kindle! I have to say I LOVE it! It is amazing! I have been downloading free books for three days now in between taking care of Grace, getting daily chores done, etc.... Did I mention I LOVE the Kindle Fire! lol

Alright, enough for this post. Watch out, I just might make it three posts in one month!

Until next time..........................


  1. love the overall
    I couldnt wear something like that! I would look oh too much a gay farmer!!

    1. They wouldn't have to be pink John! lol

  2. I honestly do not know how and when you find time to read!

  3. I cracked up that your neighbors are using Pewter's blanket as a landmark for directions! How funny!
    Poor little Inger. You are so sweet to give her such care. I hope the problem resolves itself. I wonder if there is some sort of medication that would stop egg production so she wouldn't have problems.
    There was a time when I would have fought you over the overalls... now, I'll let you enjoy them and I'd enjoy seeing you wearing them! I wear crazy enough stuff as it is!
    Have a great week!

  4. Great blankets. Makes it easier to keep an eye on them.
    What a sweet looking chicken... I want one.
    I bought a tablet computer just before they came out with the Fire. Cost me twice as much and I think they do the same things. I got the Kindle App for it and absolutely love it.
    My husband has a regular Kindle. It is great for in bright light because there is no glare but it's difficult to read in dimmly lit areas. Enjoy your Fire!

  5. You live such a FULL life! Those blankets were a 'find'! Nothing better than a deal, I say.
    Last time I used a chainsaw was after a hurricane here a few years back. I LOVED cutting up wood! It is so quick!
    I know you are busy, but if you get a chance check out my post today (Tuesday)....I'm having my first giveaway!! It involves writing and YOU are good at that! Don't be shy.

  6. Just got caught up w/ your last couple of posts. Boy oh boy, Grace sure is getting big!! Glad to hear her mom got her own car:) One thing about Pewter's blanket: he'll sure be safe during hunting season! We'll have to compare muscles next time I see you. With you chain-sawing wood and throwing bales -- and me lifting my 80 lb. snake -- well, we are some strong chicks!! Oh, and speaking of chicks: Little Inger sure is spoiled -- and adorable:) She's your 4th daughter! Best Wishes from the critters & I.

  7. I love this blog, wonderful pictures!


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