Friday, March 9, 2012

Lots going on.

Yes, I know it's been forever once again. Ugh.
As usual there has been lots going on.

We had a log truck of logs delivered to use as firewood next winter. Now we have to cut all the logs into much smaller pieces that will fit into the wood stove, load it up then stack it so it can season the rest of the year until we need it.

Jennifer, my oldest daughter, rescued a Boxer about three weeks ago. The day she rescued him from a very busy road she sent me a picture of him and my first thought was he looks like a Marvin. She and I and the vet she works for put up found ads, called the shelters, etc, looking for his family. No one ever came forward so now Marvin is Jennifer's. As you can see he has made himself at home on my couch! And he is wonderful with Grace and my two dogs. When I go to visit Jennifer at her house it's like Marvin has always been there. Meant to be!

We had one heck of a winter storm come through two weeks ago. It was snowing so hard that I couldn't see the mountains across the road! We ended up with between six and eight inches of snow! For some of you that isn't very much, but for here it is something! I truly enjoyed all the beautiful fluffy white stuff!!

Had to put a pic of my horse and some of the donkeys in today's post.

Grace's mom has been looking for a car of her own for awhile now, but alas, no luck as of yet. It will be nice when she has her own car so that means I don't have to pick her up from work everyday she works. And she can go to town to take care of her business and I can stay here playing catch up on some stuff I need to get done.

I finally joined the local historical society. I am so excited.

After consideration I started selling my eggs. I was giving them away, and still do to family and friends, but my girls are laying a dozen a day now and their feed is costing more. So, I sell the eggs to pay for their feed.
 Speaking of chickens, again after much consideration I am going to raise some meat chickens. Our meat supply is so tainted that it is scaring me. The beef industry alone is so contaminated ( I am referring to the big big feedlots) that beef is being recalled at a consistent rate. And the chickens, jeez, have you seen the size of chicken breasts on the shelves? They come from what people refer to as Frankenchickens because they grow at such a genetically altered rate that if left to live too long their bones will break under their own weight. Now that is not natural nor is it right.

Okay, I will stop my ranting and raving before I really get going!

Oh, I am going to raise worms to compost the household food items that the chickens can't or won't eat.  Of course no meat will go to the worms, that goes to the foxes and bobcats up on the hills behind the house. I am trying to recycle and reuse as much as possible.

It's getting close to getting the garden areas ready! I have a diagram of where everything is going to go. And I was reading that you can start seeds inside the house in cleaned out half egg shells, then plant shell and all into the ground when the plant is ready to go outside into the garden.  

I also bought a bunch of hay and slowly but surely got it from the feed store to here and unloaded and stacked in the barn. I can only put eight large bales in my truck. The bales are three string and weigh about 130 pounds each. Gotta keep in shape!

I am still working on enlarging the chicken area. It's taking longer than I want, but between watching Grace, taking care of all the critters, household and outside chores, etc, well, either I run out of steam or time.

Rather than bore you with a long post I will close it up for now. I really am going to try my best to more diligent about keeping up with it. And yes, I still have to catch up with all of you. Oh how I miss my 'me' time these days!

Until next time.....................


  1. Yup... you have been busy. There is a lot going on, for sure!
    Glad to hear what you have been up to... and some of your plans for "what's next"!

  2. There's nothing wrong with being busy. It's tough trying to single handedly save the world. Remember to stop and breath every now and then. As they say on all planes, put your oxygen mask on first before helping others.

  3. You've been busy! But...I love hearing about your days so please keep posting. Course I can say that when I don't get to posting much these days either, but I LOVE reading up on everyone else. I don't have much entertaining, but if I can track a little of what goes on here, it keeps the diary running...
    Sure is fun to look back somedays and see where our path has taken us!

  4. I feel like a SLUG!!! You are full of info today and what a great idea to plant seeds in egg shells! Will give that a try.
    That sure is a Marvin of a dog. What a beauty!
    And Grace, well what can I say....she is more beautiful every time I see her!
    Good to hear from you.

  5. Oh my, that wood looks like a lot of work! Your snowfall does look beautiful. I hope the animals enjoyed it (well, maybe not the chickens).

    We try to buy all our meat from local, humane farms done through local processors. We can get just about anything--beef, pork, chicken, rabbit and even goat! Sometimes we still end up buying something at the grocery store, but I swear when I use it I send up a little prayer of forgiveness to the tortured animal I'm about to eat. So, yeah, I get your rant--it's ridiculous what our food supply has turned into.

  6. Wow sis...busy as usual! Glad to hear that you are going to let the chickens buy their feed and I guess I'd better get out there and get to work in my garden! I was wondering who Marvin was! Love you.

  7. I hear 'ya about the wood. I try to remind myself I wll be sorry in July if the wood isn't chopped up before the weather gets warm. Oh, I mean, I try to remind my husband....;)

  8. You have really been busy. Marvin is a very lucky dog and looks like he knows it. Have you read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver? It's about eating foods in season, preferably home grown, and also raising chickens both for eggs and meat. They actually got a bunch of little chicks in the spring and the ones that turned out to be roosters are the ones they slaughtered in the fall. I think you would both enjoy and learn from the book. I certainly did.

  9. I love Boxers...and so does Ron!lol


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