Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who needs Disneyland when.......

On Sunday morning hubby and I drove up to where we could cut wood. We bought firewood permits. Cutting your own wood is a whole lot cheaper than buying it.

The closer we were getting to the wood cutting area the worse the weather started to get.

And before we knew it, hubby lost control of the truck and trailer and we spun around from the right hand lane into the left hand lane. The trailer swung around and hit the truck which pushed us forward into the....

guard rail! We hit it hard. Hard enough where the two wood beams shown here exploded at the top and the metal rail got quite bent. The fog lights on the truck smashed and there are dents on the side and front of the truck.

As soon as we came to a complete stop hubby looks at me and asks if I am okay. Am I hurt? Is anything broken? Am I bleeding? Nope to all three.

Call me an idiot but the first words out of my mouth was, " Who the hell needs Disneyland rides!".  Then it was, " That was frickin wild!" I almost through my arms up like you would on a roller coaster during the whole spinning and out control. Yes, I am an idiot.

I got out of the truck and took these pics. Then hubby tells me to get back in the truck. Telling me that if he lost control, then a vehicle coming down off the slight slope might lose control and either hit me or the truck.

I texted my kids, told them what happened and they all nagged at me.

Seems hubby and kids were a lot more shook up than I was. Hmmmm.

Yes, we turned around and came back home.

Just thought I would share an exciting adventure!

Until next time.......................


  1. I'm glad you are safe but had to laugh at your reaction. The visual is priceless. :-)

  2. as long as you are ok!!!
    tell me more about wood cutting permeits sounds facinating!

  3. Lucky you are okay. It certainly does not look like good weather for getting wood.

  4. Good that you 'enjoyed the ride'! And that you were both OK afterwards! So tricky driving on snow covered roads......I, much to Ron's chagrin, love driving in it! And I must say I am pretty good on these roads. Now just watch!!...
    Did you get back to get the wood? Sounds like a great deal.

  5. That does sound like fun. Oddly enough, the most dangerous part was when you got out of the truck.
    Unlike a Disney ride, you can always point to the dents and tell all about it.

  6. Yes, Jim is good at wild rides..he did a 360 one day and turned and looked at me with this evil grin...I'm gonna git him one of these days, bugger! So glad your safe...I got whacked by a car 10 years ago and I've been nervous ever be careful!

  7. Whew....I bet that was scary. I'm glad y'all are OK, and could view this with a bit of humor.

  8. Cool pics -- glad you are both okay. Too bad about the damage, though. Growing up in Northern Minnesota, I had many a wild ride myself -- especially when it was 'black ice' (meaning, there would be no snow to indicate possible ice -- the ice was clear-colored on top of the tar).

  9. Glad you were not hurt. I suppose if you had that reaction, it was better than mine, which probably would have included screaming, grabbing anything close by, and probably bladder release...


  10. I have just shared your adventure and am so glad you are ok. Seeing the snow made me all excited as we rarely get any here.I wonder where you are based as I have just got here and it is not clear to me. Back again soon.


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