Saturday, January 14, 2012

The start of 2012

Well, 2012 has begun and according to the calendar is about half over.

A lot has been going on since day one of this New Year.

Arnold is still have feet issues so it is a daily, ongoing battle to get those feet of his under control.  

The morning of the New Year I discovered that Pewter had totally thrashed her blanket! So I dug out her spare blanket, washed it and repaired that one so she would have her jammies before nightfall. Get a load of this. I do not sew except to repair horse blankets. Some of my jeans need some sewing done, but nope, won't repair those but I will horse blankets! 

Little Inger, my fave hen, got egg bound so straight into a warm bath she went. Then she was blow dried with the hair dryer and tucked into a nice warm crate full of pine shavings on top of my dresser. Thankfully she passed the egg the next morning.

Grace has learned to get on the furniture and do some daredevil antics! Ugh!

My youngest daughter recently informed me that she is going to apply to study abroad for a year. She may be leaving as early as this August. Of course I support her in her decision, however I may have a hard time coming to grips that she would be out of the country. Especially with all the civil unrest across the globe.

I have seen the Bobcat several more times close to the house. After reading up on them I am not too overly concerned about him/her causing too much problems. Actually having one around is good for keeping the rodent population in check. I do my best to cohabitate with the wildlife as much as possible.

We were fortunate enough to get a wood permit for five cords of wood from public forest lands. The trees have already been cut down and all we have to do is drive up there, cut the logs into what size we want, put it all in the trailer, drive it home, unload and use! Getting a permit is a whole lot cheaper than buying cords of wood.

The crime around here has increased dramatically very quickly! Everything from a US Marshall shooting and killing a fugitive in a grocery store parking lot, arson, a man setting himself on fire in a public park, another man setting his car and his belongings on fire in another parking lot, a few murders, and on and on. This valley used to be very safe where you really never worried about anything. Not anymore!

Grace's sperm donor has now decided to have a paternity test done after almost a year!

I am actually giving thought to trying to find extra time to volunteer at the little tiny local museum close by here. It is run by volunteers and the lady who was running it moved away and it has been closed for some time now. Since I have been wrapped up in learning all the local history I can I think it would be fun.

So far our winter here has been very, very dry. But, according to the weather reports we have a storm due to arrive tonight that will bring lots of snow!!! Come on snow!!! If you could, would you please do the snow dance so we do get some snow! Thanks!

Okay, must go, Grace is wanting my attention.

Until next time..............................


  1. Is that your house in the background of Pewter's picture, or across the street?

    I spent two separate years abroad, and my brother spent multiple years abroad in Thailand and Russia--he's living in England right now. As long as she's not dumb (i.e. getting wasted drunk or inviting strangers home), your daughter will be at least as safe abroad as at home--sounds like you need to avoid parking lots at home, anyway!

    Love Arnold's fuzzy ears. I hope his feet finally get healed soon!

  2. Hello,hello, hello! Good to hear from you. That Inger looks to be quite the character! Phyllis Diller comes to mind! lol

    Crime seems to be on the rise everywhere....what's up with all this?
    How exciting for your daughter....going abroad. I know, but parents are supposed to worry. I am so glad I have been spared that....there is a God!
    Enjoy the snow and you would be great working in that tiny little museum....go for it!

  3. AJ, my "yard-varmint" turned 25 in December. She was handed a last-known address for her "sperm donor" a couple years ago. She went for it. She's not impressed, either. And things make a whole lot more sense to her now. Mom (me) makes even more sense. LOL I did it without any help of child support, etc., nor did I have family support to help me go after him for child support. Do everything you can to get her to go after that man for helping with financial responsibility for that baby - even if you have to cuff her ear to get her to sign papers at the courthouse. I can't begin to tell you how much damage both of us endured. She has a mind aching to go to college. Even now - he only has money for flights down to El Salvador to see some female half his age. Push it - for that baby. And GARNISH HIS WAGES!!!

  4. You are a busy woman! Don't know how you find time to blog and take care of Grace and the farm!!!

  5. You sure do have a lot going on. I laughed, sitting here in my jeans with holes in the knees, about your repairing a horse blanket but not your jeans. Yup, we do have our priorities, after all!

  6. What a wonderful opportunity to work in the museum.
    Your Inger looks like the chicken on my kitchen calandar this month. I will think of you each time I look at it.

  7. Thanks for all the updates:) I think you should volunteer at the museum -- sounds like a lovely opportunity to learn and network. Best Wishes. **Poor Little Inger!! Glad she passed the egg!


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