Friday, November 5, 2010

Progress with the move

 Leaving the chicken coop was not an option. So......we took it with us! Here it is loaded up and ready to make the move to the new house. Yup, looks very redneck, but, it will help keep the chickens a bit safer at night.
 Stew Pot wondering why his coop is up on the trailer.
 After several stops due to tie downs coming loose or just flying off, we made it to the new house. Poor coop is a bit worse for wear! But it made it in one piece.
 Coop unloaded next to the Rubbermaid shed that is going to be used as the hen house. Nope, it isn't fancy, but it will work.
 Yesterday with the help of some friends, we leveled the shed, put the coop in front of it and thankfully looks much better now!  I decided to put the coop next to my bedroom window so when a wild critter thinks they are going to have a chicken snack in the middle of the night, all I have to do is open the window and holler. I am also going to hang some bells around the coop so when  a critter gets too close, the bells will sound. I want to make sure the chickens will be as safe as possible.
 Poles are in and set. Cross fence ( in the background) strung, pulled and fastened. Pasture is ready for the horses, donks and goats. This weekend the gates will be put up.
 Before heading out to the new house I stopped off and bought some frozen burritos for lunch.  When we were all hungry I went in to the house, turned on the oven, and after a few minutes realized the oven wasn't working! The stove top does, but the oven does not. Great! Okay, on to plan B. Turn on two stove top burners, place frozen burritos on cookie sheet and start cooking!
My oldest daughter had brought over her sandwich maker so grabbed that and started cooking burritos on that. Took awhile, but lunch was hot and ready to eat. This is the very first cooked meal in the new house!!!!

Calling the landlady today to let her know about the oven not working. Going to be really hard to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving with no oven.

I promise I will catch up with everyone's going on's as soon as I catch a few minutes.

Wishing everyone a fantastic day. Headed out to the new house with another load.

Until next time.........................


  1. Don't worry about 'us'! It looks like you have your hands full to overflowing! One step at a time (breathe), etc. Coop looks good and great idea to place it near the bedroom window. At least you will rest easier. Hope you get your oven fixed soon. Maybe a toaster oven in the meantime if you have one around?
    Thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. Big difference in the chicken coop! Good idea about having it close by, a shrill whistle might come in handy too!

    No oven, takes me back to our beginning, I had a microwave, a single hot plate and electric stewpot and managed to make a fair Thanksgiving Dinner - only we had to have a ham.

    Very original - making your burritos! :-)

    We'll be here when you get done, don't work too hard!

  3. Busy, busy! Lots getting done I see. Very exciting, if that's the word, times at your place! Good that you have lots of help too. Have a great weekend.

  4. Wow, you've already accomplished a lot! You must have very hardworking friends and family. You must be anxious to see the place populated with all the critters.

    Thanks for taking the time to share.

  5. You don't know "redneck" until you've been here. The new adventure must be exciting.

  6. Redneck? Not hardly! I'd say hard-working, get 'er done attitude. Good for you!

  7. I know how busy you much to do and the daylight is shorter and shorter. You all are getting a lot done. Can't wait to see pics of the animals in their new pasture. Great idea about bells on the coop--I may try that too :)

  8. So glad things are moving along. Hopefully, you'll have a working stove before Thanksgiving.

  9. Have the chickens been moved into the coop already? Wish I could come help!!!

  10. Wow a move is always such a big ordeal but by so much more multiplied when animals are involved...wish I could help too...but it looks like you have everything under control, like always. :)

  11. Before you know it, you'll be posting pictures of everyone in their new digs. How exciting! I'm glad that all is well for you.

  12. Wow - it's all coming along! Yeah! I'm with you during this transitional time in spirit:) Take lots of pics!


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