Monday, November 1, 2010

Getting closer

 What can I say except where the heck do the days go? Geez. This weekend all the posts were drilled and set for the cross fence in the pasture at the new house.  My oldest daughter and I unloaded 584 bricks to be used to fix the brick pillars along the fence in front of the house. Thankfully the bricks were free thanks to a guy she knows who had no use for them. Most of the inside of the house has been scrubbed so it is ready for the big moving day. And moving day is the weekend of November 13 & 14th.  Trying to get everything arranged this week so there is no surprises when the big day arrives. You know, the list that keeps getting longer! This week the weather is saying no rain. Just the dreaded............
fog!!!!!! Out of all weather there is on this wonderful planet, fog is the one I really, really do not care for. It's cold, damp, and you just plain can't see very far in front of you.

Now I have to catch up with what is going on with all of you. 

Until next time..........................


  1. I am so excited to hear and see more about your new place. Good luck with the list an I hope the fog doesn't get in the way.

  2. Isn't it all so exciting !
    I read part of your' 584 b' and thought you had unloaded 584 bales of hay !!!
    So many bricks, you need a pat on the back, have you still got a back ?
    Roll on moving day.

  3. Oh, same old same old around here! But you! You have been busy. My grandmother used to say: 'No rest for the wicked!' Not that you are that
    Fog is my least favourite weather too.....dreary.

  4. That's a beautiful pony you've got there...don't think I've seen a picture of him/her before?

    584 bricks exactly? Who counted? lol

    Glad to know the house is ready for you, so you'll have somewhere comfortable to rest after the big move. Good luck!

  5. It sounds like you have been so busy. I'm amazed you will have everything ready for you and the animals to move in just a couple of weeks.

  6. I wish Mike and I were close enough to come help. How many animals are you moving?

  7. That's a lotta bricks!!
    You guys must be sore today. Things are really coming together - I'm so happy for you!

  8. I don't care for the fog either, and the dampness gives a chill to the bone... but what a neat picture of the fog! Great shot. Glad to hear all is going well with the move...

  9. You're in the homestretch now!

    Fog's about the only type of weather we don't get here.

  10. I have no fondness for fog either. Good shot of it though! Was good for Halloween though... Do you have any ghosts there?

    That's a lot of bricks, whew, some job!

    Only 2 more weeks and you will be HOME! I'll bet you will be so happy to be done!

    Take care of yourself now :-)

  11. You'll have to remember to take some pics of your big moving day, so we can see. We'll all be there with you in spirit:)

  12. The move will come and go in a blink...excitement for you and licks! Sometimes fog irritates me and sometimes a just LOVE it!


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