Friday, August 24, 2012

Fare Thee Well For Awhile

As much as I have been meaning to get back to blogging on a regular basis it just hasn't been in the cards. Lately there has been so much going on. Gracie's mom was fired over an emergency here at home. Her bosses are lying and fighting her unemployment. Hopefully after the unemployment hearing she will get her unemployment. This whole thing has been emotionally draining as well as financially.
AJ, my Mustang has some serious hoof problems that I am trying to get under control.
I took in two more goats for a Face book friend who is going through some of life's challenges herself.
The work car needs, well some work thanks to a gas leak. Which only leaves the trucks for transportation and with the gas prices climbing again that is putting a pinch on things. Living in the country does have its disadvantages at times.
I am back to selling on EBay which thanks to the economy isn't going as well as before.
Gracie is already going through the terrible twos. And Gracie's mom is still fighting for the sperm donor for child support ( which he still hasn't paid anything on).
Plus I am active in saving the Mustangs, trying to end dog breed discrimination, trying to stop slaughterhouses from opening to slaughter horses,  helping the elephants who are living horrendous lives, etc....
In a nutshell, life is not leaving much breathing room. Yes, I am aware if I step away from helping the animals that need a voice would give me more time, but it isn't in me to do that.
I believe we are never given more than we can carry at a time, but I have to admit, my plate has been full enough these past few years to last a frickin lifetime.
Okay, enough of the whining.  
So, my goal is to start blogging on a regular basis come winter.
I truly hope when I come back I will still have some followers!
Jim and Ron, please give Miss Sophie a big hug for me.
Stew, I will catch up with your wonderful posts about your profession.
John, I really miss keeping up with your adventures.
Tina, please give all the donkeys a hug from me.
Lilla, keep up all the good work.
Deb, I'm sure your Grand baby has already been born. Hugs.
Kelly, continue to get the word out about elephants! You are amazing.
Inger, hope life has dealt you better cards now.
Everyone else who I didn't mention, hugs to you all. Hope to see you when I come back.

Great big group hug!!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya'!

Until next time..............................