Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kitty Litter Box Tip

I didn't know how to edit the last two pics of the cat box. So, here is what it is suppose to look like. My sister called me and let me know mine was upside down! The lid goes on the bottom. Now the cat box fits just fine!
We have a couple of indoor only cats which of course means the dreaded kitty litter box. I don't know about you, but digging around with a miniature poop scooper in a box of sand hunting and searching for cat poo is not my idea of any kind of fun. Heck, I don't know anyone who enjoys that!

This morning I was talking with my sister Connie and the subject of kitty litter boxes came up. She feels the same as I do. We both complained about the sand getting kicked out of the box and having to constantly clean it up. And of course there is the dreaded 'smell'! Yuk!

She asks me if I have one of those hooded kitty litter boxes. Nope. The one indoor cat is, well, um, let's call him a husky fella' and won't fit comfortably inside one of those hoods. Besides, those hooded cat boxes aren't cheap!

She then tells me what her daughter ( my niece Marrissa) did. She had heard a tip to use a plastic tote with a lid and make your own hooded kitty box. In fact, Marissa used the tip for her own cat's litter box.

So, guess what? Today I fashioned a 'poorman's' kitty litter box.
First, get a plastic tote with a lid. As you can see, Honey Dog and Squirrel are checking it out. They are pretty sure this is for them. Well, it actually is for Squirrel!

Next step is to cut a hole in the end of the tote. After I cut the whole I sanded the edges to make sure there weren't any sharp edges. Don't want anyone getting hurt. Yes, I am aware that the hole is not perfect! That's what I get for using a cutting blade. Probably would have been better off using a saw.

I know, the box doesn't fit very well inside the tote, but it will have to do until I get a smaller one. Hmmm, no more sand getting kicked out in all directions! I like that!

Next, put the lid on. And here you have it......a poorman's covered litter box. Before I could take the picture Squirrel had to use her new bathroom. Thanks Squirrel.

I am going to get a couple of those stick up deodorizers and put them inside the lid to help with the dreaded smell.

A big thank you to Connie and Marrissa.

Until next time........................................


  1. I'm so glad little Squirrel came to such a good home. And the picture of Honey Dog and Squirrel is sooo cute. She made herself right at home, didn't she?

  2. Doesn't look like Squirrel minds the cover was upside down. Good job sis!


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