Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad with the good

There is a saying that things run in threes. Well I am doubting the whole three thing. Not only did the one work car take a shit, but now the second work car has decided to also break down.  Only had the two cars, but hey, I've got a truck that is still running pretty good. See, there is a positive with the negative.

Sunday evening I made the decision to put Gabby Goat to sleep. What I thought was an infection in her udder turned out to be cancer. I rescued her 6 years ago and her years with me were good ones.  See ya on the other side Gabby. 

This morning one of my dogs killed one of the Guinea chicks. I didn't see her do it, but the body was under the dog on the dog bed I keep in the breezeway and she didn't want to get off the bed. There were two small bruise marks on either side of the Guineas backbone. No feathers missing. And there was a guilty look on the dogs face.

Now I have to figure out what to do. I let the chickens and Guineas free range during the day. There is no fence to keep birds and dogs separated. Hmmmm. Until I figure out what to do Sugar Dog is going to have to wear a harness and be walked rather than turned loose to get exercise and to do her business. I'm thinking of the positive side to this situation. Hmmmm. Haven't found it yet though. Oh wait, I know the positive side of it. I get more exercise walking the dog now!!!

The Black Frizzle bantam has actually started to grow more and more feathers!! Thank goodness! Now he doesn't look like he is almost all the way plucked! I am waiting to find out how many roosters there are out of the Frizzle bunch. As soon as I know for sure, well, they are going to have to go to new homes. Can't have that many roosters.

I thought I had my last two remaining Nelson heated automatic waterers for horses sold , but alas, no.  If any of you know of someone who would like to purchase them  at a very reasonable cost, email me

All day yesterday I dealt with the auto insurance company. They said I was cancelled from lack of payment. Um, they take it out of the bank account each month with no problems and this month was no exception. Turned out it was a computer glitch on their end! So, I still had and have insurance!

Today is the last day to burn in a barrel or a pile so have been gathering what I can burn and doing it. Tomorrow fire season begins.

One of the screens fell out of one of the living room windows sometime in the night. The windows are left open at night to allow the cool air to come into the house. Thankfully the two cats who are not allowed outside did not jump out the window.

Oh, one more thing. Found out that there are some companies who endorse, back or are associated with the dog killer Michael Vick. Don't know if you know who he is, but he played for the Philadelphia Eagles as their Quarterback. He was caught and convicted of fighting Pit Bulls and also killing them in horrendous ways when he was done with them. Yes, he did his time, but as far as I am concerned he would still be fighting and killing dogs if he hadn't been caught. Anyway, here are a few of the companies that are associated with this piece of shit. And of course you know me, I contacted each company to let them know my humble opinion of their  choice of who they are connected with.
Hot wire
Overture Films

Well, I have talked your ears off long enough. Wishing all of you a most glorious weekend and a Happy 4th of July for those who celebrate it.

Until next time........................

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A conversation

The other day my youngest daughter and I had a conversation. During the conversation she asked me how I could look at videos and graphic pictures of abused/neglected animals. She just couldn't understand  why I would look/watch when I have been rescuing animals for years and have seen my fair share of it.  

I explained that the reason I do it is so I can continue to be involved whether it be just signing a petition, contacting representatives, getting the word out. Right now financially I cannot bring in anymore animals. Knowing what is really going on is the key to knowledge and getting the word out so others know what is going on.

She told me that it upsets her to see what I sometimes post on my Facebook wall. She says she knows what is going on, but doesn't want to see it.

I told her I was sorry she doesn't like when I  post about abuse/neglect cases, but the more people who know the better it is for the animals.  The more animal abuser names that get out there and become public the better. There is no reason why abusers names should be kept quiet. They are the ones who did the crime.

I also explained to her that a lot of people don't want to 'see' what is going on. That they know, but don't want to actually see it. To understand sometimes you just have to 'see' it for yourself. Seeing has much more of an impact than just knowing. 

I also explained that the people who stand by thinking someone else will do something or the ones who don't want to get involved are just as guilty as the abuser. One has to stand up for what they believe in. 

A lot of you are already involved with rescuing animals whether it be running a rescue, helping out at one, donating, stepping up when you see an injustice, etc....

Here are a few of the websites I visit often to keep up to date. Please be warned that yes some of the pictures are very graphic. The stories are heartbreaking. The tears will run. Anger levels will rise. Yet some of these websites will make you smile seeing for yourself how one or more people are making a differance.

Being involved and doing something helps.


Until next time....................

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Harder than I remember!

Wow, babysitting is a lot harder than I remember! Since Grace's mom started her job I watch Grace. It sure has taken some getting used to! It's taken a few weeks to get used to the whole time thing. I can't just walk out or go somewhere anytime I want now. I'll be honest, I never thought I would be doing this after all these years. With my youngest going to be 21 this year, well, it has been a long time.

Slowly but surely Grace and I have found a routine that works for the both of us. When there are chores to be taken care of outside, I park her by the chicken coop where she is happy as a clam watching the chickens. With her being occupied and happy, I am able to get some chores down. Well, chores that are within 20 feet of where she is. I never let her out of my sight. Then it is into the stroller to take care of horse and donkey chores. Another thing I have noticed is talking on the phone while I am watching Grace is pretty much out of the question. Pretty sure it's that built in radar kids have. The one where you are talking with someone and that's when they decide to poop, or they are hungry or over the top tired.

So much has been going on. I traded some items for 3 ton of hay. No more worries about hay for awhile. The car that I drove broke down in town last week so now am carless. Getting it fixed costs more than the car is worth! Thank goodness I have my truck, although with these gas prices driving it is not cost effective. But hey,. I have a vehicle to drive!

The one cat who had a urinary tract infection is now living with my oldest daughter. 

The garden is slowly growing. I am anxiously awaiting for the tomatoes!

The county is working on the highway ( the one we live on) which means trucks and heavy equipment are constantly stopping in front of the house or passing by. 

Tourist season has officially begun. I can now distinguish the locals from the tourists. The tourists stop next to the pasture where the horses and donkeys are and take pictures of them! And the wine tour buses slow down now so the tourists can take pictures or just look at the horses and donkeys.  At first it annoyed me, but now I grin and wave at them! 

The Guinea keets I ordered came in. I was hoping Little Inger would raise them like she did the Frizzle Bantams and the Americaunas, but alas, she said no way! 

My farrier came out last week to trim up the horses and donkeys feet, and I have to say it was a bit of a challenge since I was watching Grace that day. Grace was in her stroller on one side of the fence and on the other side we managed to get everyone all trimmed up. It took over two hours to get everyone done, and I must say, Grace was a trooper!

Before this turns into one of those lengthy, really boring novels, I will close it up. I promise to catch up with all of you. Believe it or not, I really do think of each of you everyday! Now if only I could learn to read and comment and post via my mind alone!

Until next time................................